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Not going to start a slugfest over O-care pro's and con's, but I was perusing the print form application just for the heck of it and thought it was interesting to see this line in the Section 6 Mailing Instructions:

"If you want to register to vote, you can complete a voter registration form at usa.gov."

Huh? And this relates to the Marketplace application how? I have a pretty good idea why that's on there, but I'll keep my peace.
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I am not going to debate that either. I had a situation occur on the Maryland website I applied for assistance since my cost of insurance has gone up and at the very end I was told we need more information please mail it to us. But where? No address as to where to mail the information and no information on what they need. Very frustrating to say the least.
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ohh man, Obamacare, dont get me started!

I hadto aply for it since my health insurance said tehy will not continue my plan after jan 1,2014, so i had to either go look for some plans on O care or get stuck with a plan that costs 300+ a month for a single plan,

I first called BCBS of NJ just to be told that my plan dont work because of the deductable and that i may be eligible for tax refunds,

so then I sign up it then to find out the website didnt work (Oct. 1st) so I call O-care....... the first time I did, I basically flipped out on the agent on other end about this gobble-de-gook of a thing that Obama started then i start an application over the phone just to be told to wait for results in the postal mail, nothing. not a thing came, so I tried it online on 22nd just to find out that i have to go call some credit reporting agency and tell them some number on the screen to verify my identity (Experian) just to find out that since I don't have a credit card, I cannot verify who I am is who I really am, I was told I could not finish my application unless I had either a credit card or my dad's SS number, and his pay rate (I don't work or have an income) where he works, his boss's name, and the phone number for his work and asked if he will do tax returns for this year, (duh, always does it on time)

i feel it was not really relavent with them having to ask or demand for my dad's info if its just me being covered, I mean what if my dad was layed ff or was fired or died?? how am I to find insurance then???? I guess I would be up a creek without a paddle

so yea, what torture it is/was and I would not wish this nonsense on my worst enemy, so now to wait for the results of what healthcare plans best suit my situation.

all I have to say about this nonsense that Obama started, I think this "obamacere" should been OPTIONAL and OFFERED, not FORCED upon us!! the plan I had before this nonsense started, prescriptions, dr visits, DME, (wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers) hospital(inpatiant and outpatient) and ER had co-pays,

this new plan that O-Care wants to do, and the plan I may be put on if I don't do anything with O-care, ONLY DR visits are covered (30 dollars) co-pay, 300+ a month premiums, and everything else is 50% deductible (6,350) and if I had any kids, they would include the Pediatric Dental standalone plan,

but yea, (tow_guy) I have a feeling they are asking about your choice of voting to see how well this O-care may last and how many people are FOR or AGAINST it, (politically)

well, the agent that i talked to on 22nd and the other from the 1st heard my point of view of who I would vote for if Ivoted (registered to vote, I feel I did nothing but made a big mistake, as I at times get magazines for WEDDINGS as well as direct marketing mail and survey calls asking my political position, so it seems my name was handed to direct marketing lists after I registered to vote, I wish to opt out or REMOVE my name from all the lists and may as well remove it from voting registration, as I do NOT care about politics, most of them lie about what they will do during the campaign then do RIGHT OPPOSITE when in office, so whats the point???

but yea, does your voting choice (democratic or republican) really matter with trying to apply for healthcare??? I feel it's really none of their business, just about the only thing they did NOT ask, was when I last had my monthly period (yea, I'm female)


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