DIY metal detector


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DIY metal detector

Hello! I am a 17 yo teen, with the passion for treasure hunting. I am a student and a biker, so I don't have much money left to buy any kind of metal detector, and I don't have enough knoledge to build some sophisticated metal detectors, so i wanna ask you, has anyone build any kind of metal detector? I would like to have some plans, or tutorials, anything. It would be much better with household items, but it can have electronics too, just not much complicated..
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Welcome to our forums!

How about a compass moved along the ground for iron based objects???
You said it when you said sensitive electronics........complex and not cheap.

If a student maybe a short term part time job would be the best solution.
For about a hundred and fifty dollars you could find an entry level model to get you into the hobby.
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I've seen metal detectors for sale at places like thrift stores for very little.
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Craigs List, Ebay, Pawn shops.
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I agree with PJ and Joe, You could likely get a used one for less then trying to build one. A quick search on my local craigslist found quite a few hits, with one for $20.

Search online finds them new starting at about $50

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The thing with metal detectors is that they show the owner finding riches and treasures. It's a lot of work and a lot of dead ends so that the people get frustrated and give up when they don't find anything of real value. Then after their metal detector hangs around for a while they get tired of it and send it packing.
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There is also the problem of permission to use it. Many public areas like beaches prohibit them and private property even if you get permission what you find won't be yours. Metal Detecting Laws And What You Should Know.

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