Heating from gravity.


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Heating from gravity.

Its about 5am in NYC, 40 degrees on the NY1 website and only 1 small Grundfos Alpha circulator pump with the check valve installed working and the the whole 4 floor mansion is at least 69 degrees.

It's nice to experience gravity circulation. The other 5 Grundfos Alpha circulator pumps with the check valves installed are not turning on, why? Because the hot water from the boiler is creeping up the 1-1/4" return pipes and heating the zones.

I will be installing flow control valves (check valves) on all the return pipes when I can, the check valves supplied from Grundfos that I installed in the pump are not enough, I need to install on the return also, otherwise there is zero heat control. The only way to control the heat now is by manually opening or closing any of the valves on the radiators or connected to the pumps. What an experience.
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