stolen electrical wiring.


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stolen electrical wiring.

Just purchased a repossessed home managed by HUD. It was a bidding process and I got an exceptional deal on a 1950 sq ft house. Upon inspection found previous owners had took all light fixtures and fans. (cut wires and removed. ) I can handle those problems but when I went in crawl someone had cut all cables coming out of panel and everywhere they went back into house and stole all copper including wiring, propane lines and communication cable. Have been given a credit of 5000 to rewire and have estimate for 4500. Just cannot believe people will do those things for the little money they got for the stolen copper.
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You're a home inspector and this surprises you?? It's just part of the game in a metro area. Copper wiring and pipes are GONE, as a given. If you still have any left it is called a blessing. Glad you got the credit. That would have been a bummer.
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Do you not read the news?
There stealing A/C units out of churches while the people are in church on a Sunday.
Not sure where you live in VA but if you go to the recycling center near the Mayo bridge in Richmond you will see homeless people with stolen shopping carts bringing in copper pipe and wiring. Where do you think there getting it?
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Hopefully they won't be like the kids that thought they would steal a commercial unit (3 phase) and cut through all 3 phases at once. Poof.
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You have better thieves than we do.
We had our jobsite trailer broken into once, and they only stole drills and pvc glue. Didn't touch the 50 rolls of 12 AWG wire.
What is copper worth in the states? I can't fathom going through the effort of gutting a home for the payout you would get here. I can't remember what the price per pound is here, but when I would take in dirty wire in the shop Tundra with the box overflowing, it was about a $700 load.
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Yes I am a home inspector and have never seen this. Have seen AC units stolen. This house is rural and has been vacant 3 years so I guess I should have expected it. It will still be a nice home and I will have 9mm if they come around again.
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When you don't have a job, $10 is better than no dollars. It's not too much work to rip it out. Then they burn the plastic off it.

My uncle worked next door to an abandon building quite a few years ago. They cut two flights of stairs out to try and prevent people form stealing the metal inside and scrapping it. Well, that didn't work. My uncle and his coworkers watched everyday as these guys went in the building and took everything.
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I have moved this thread as it is more of a discussion then a question/help type thread.

Carry on.
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I worked at a hospital in Newark, NJ. It closed as a hospital and was bought by physicians for treatment and mental health care. They blasted thru heavy steel doors and not only stole plumbing and wiring..... they stripped the morgue.
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I don't know how wide idiocy spreads but locally about once a year you read in the news where someone has climbed a light pole to steal the copper wire. Twice in the last 5-10 yrs the thief has gotten fried in the process.

Several years ago I read where someone had the bridge to their cabin stolen When the recycling facility saw it in the news they put two and two together and turned the thief in
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I know organizations like Habitat for Humanity will not use copper plumbing in poor neighborhoods as the copper just gets stolen. I found that out when I watched a Hometime episode the hostess of the show at the time asked why the plastic plumbing pipe? The contractor said we don't use anything else if we did it would just get stolen.

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