Dreamlifter Gonna Lift?


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Dreamlifter Gonna Lift?

I don't know if you'll hear anything when it takes off, haven't heard a peep for the last half hour.

Listening to: KAAO CTAF | Wichita, Kansas, United States | LiveATC.net

Imagine their surprise when the runway was 4,000' shorter than they thought it would be.
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But look how wide it is.
Bet that pilots going to be asking do you want fries with that next week.
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I heard on our local news, they might have to tow it to a larger airport since there's not enough room to take off from there, altho, I can't imagine where it can be towed thru!
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They brought in a new crew and are going to drain almost all the fuel out so it will be light enough to lift off. Dreamlifter pilot talked to McConnell tower before landing at Jabara | Wichita Eagle According to that article after landing they were even wrong about which wrong airport they were at.
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They managed to take off just fine, I never heard a peep. Sorry about that.
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Here's a clip with the tower telling the pilots they are at the wrong airport...."say again."

Takeoff for cargo jet that landed at wrong Wichita airport delayed - CNN.com

From what I've read the runways are pretty much the same heading so being dark I guess you could be fooled making a visual approach. I don't know, I'll stick to my pickup.
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We saw that on the news this morning. I told my wife I wondered if they unloaded the plane if it would be light enough to take off on the shorter runway. Guess I was smarter than I thought I was

I don't know, I'll stick to my pickup
me too
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If you look at the area there are three airports in close proximity. All have their runways aligned in the same direction so when coming down and popping through the clouds at night and seeing a runway I can understand how it could happen. I can only imagine the crew's surprise when they tried to turn off and saw how small the taxiway was.

This boo boo shows how important strict cokcpit procedures are even when the weather is fine. It's boring technicalities and procedures 99.5% of the time but that is what it takes to achieve extreme levels of safety. When you are flying hundreds of miles per hour stuff happens fast. One wrong click or something entered incorrectly can have serious consequences. Has anyone ever misspelled or made a typing mistake? That's all it takes. Luckily the flight crew was skillful enough to make it safely fit on the smaller runway. Stick & rudder skills... great. Flight planning & management... one little mistake. Sorta like driving 20 years without an accident and once tuning the wrong station on the radio.

I can poke fun at the crew all I want but I recall flying solo to go take the written portion of my pilot's license when I almost landed at an airport under construction. Flying along a airport appeared right along my track but a bit sooner than I expected. Ok, I'm a student and make mistakes so I descended and started to enter the pattern only to see bulldozers and other construction equipment. The airport (my destination) was being relocated and the new airport happened to be directly in line my line of flight. I was minutes away from being on the news with my little rented Cessna parked next to a bulldozer.
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Did you see the size of this thing? Reminded me of the "pregnant guppy" of years past. Aerodynamic, not. Especially for take off on a short runway, although 6000' would be marginal. I've seen fully loaded 747's rotate with only 500' left at ATL from the ground tower on a regular basis. You can hear the sweat. And that's at 12,000' on 9R-27L

I guess from the air a tractor beam looks the same at all airports. Just that inviting stream of lights bringing you home.

I'm with the others.....6 tires on the ground at all times.

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