Goodbye lazy Susan


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Goodbye lazy Susan

After years of dealing with articulating hinges, carousels that break, bent shafts, etc, it seems someone has finally hit on something that could work.

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Hard to tell from picture..... does it make full use of existing storage area ?
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You still end up wasting the same amount of space Larry. If the side cabinets on each side were straight doors you would waste the area in the center back. If the 45 degree door, you waste the far back middle and 1/2 the total space of the original 2 cabinets. There is no gain at all, in fact, I think you loose space. I think the blind corner that allows access is the best utilization of space. Lazy Susans are an even bigger waste, I agree.

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The way I figure it, the space is wasted fom the get-go. Lazy Susan makes good use, but is a pita to organize,etc. Blind corners with slides are innovative, but somewhat inconvenient when you have to move stuff around to use. Even iF these drawers only utilize 50% of the space, it is neat! able to organize! no carousel. You can't effectively have corner drawers due to the clashing of handles, so if the 50% is usable! I like It.
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I'm not a big fan of lazy susans either. Things tend to fall off and the doors never quite have the same fit and finish if they are inset. I like these much better:

Set for LeMans Corner... - 2547140150 at Richelieu Hardware

Magic Corner II Set for a... - WEBKIT1002486 at Richelieu Hardware
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I'd make the drawer come to a point in the back so the at least the drawer would be a little deeper. I guarantee that would have more sq inches of area than a 20" diameter circle does.

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