Snow removal


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Snow removal

Wife's nursing school (1965) friend has a cabin not far from us. They are from sunny Savannah. We had a little "snice" last night and he needs to be back on flight line in the morning. So he is out there using a leaf blower to remove the white part. Sent pix via facebook. Sent response to him...whatcha gonna do with the black ice?? No answer yet. He has to transverse 200' down, 100' up and 100' down to the main hwy. i may just break drs orders and go watch this. No football much til Sunday anyway.
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Hey...200' down should give him plenty of momentum to make the next hill. How good is he at counter steering in a slide? Either that or 40 bags of kitty litter...
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Maybe he can attach a heat gun to the blower!
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I haven't drove down to the mail box yet but I'm considering taking the leaf blower with me. I want to make sure my wife can driver her car up the road when she gets off work. Hopefully the gravel and slate make the road ruff enough where the ice won't be a big issue. I have a neighbor that has steeper driveway than mine but his gets full sun, parts of my road never see the sun
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Vic, he's a pilot for one of the manufacturers (Gulfstream) so I'll just mention crabbing, right rudder, full power, left engine. He should understand. Right Dane!?
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Did my snow removal today... Leaf blower was not cutting it... And its so cold even the chickens have not left the coop..

Geez its supposed to be -1F tonight... Coldest I have seen... It probably be a record breaker...

This was supposed to be a fierce storm... IDK just a dusting to me...

I know 9 people died though...

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I bet tail mounted engines are too close together to help steer much on ice. Good thing to ask your friend the next time you have the chance.

I can imagine the fear though of standing that the top of the black diamond run, I mean driveway, knowing it's solid ice and no way to stop once you start. And, you can't just slam on the brakes. You need the wheels turning enough to steer.

Now I'm wondering about a pair of ice skates and a gas powered leaf blower for propulsion...

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