Found a way to keep my face from freezing


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Found a way to keep my face from freezing

I just walked 100 feet outside - my face and the inside of my nose began to freeze.

So quickly put together a below-zero "tusken raider" ski mask...

here it is, inside out....

This afternoon, had to shovel out 100' feet of driveway. Felt my lungs and face freezing.

Version 1, started with the basic knit cap, and tried pulling it over the head ala Dumb Donald from Fat Albert - can't see.

Version 2, figure out where the eye holes go, work the knitting into eye openings.
Eyes are the plastic grommets from a cardboard milk carton spout
Those fit on the inside, two spouts from water bottles fits in perfectly on the outside.
This worked perfectly this afternoon while I was shoveling out the driveway.
Post lady nearly fell out of the mail truck laughing. But, wow it was warm.

But, 7pm, just walked outside, inhaled and felt like my tonsils were freezing...

Version 3
Added a breathing baffle, a square piece of plastic, the panel from a pasta box.
Take a paper punch and put four holes on the corners.
Used the pull-out plugs from a milk carton to anchor the corners.
They have a solid disc on one side and an open pull ring on the other-
pinch the ring and it slides through knit cap easily, perfect way to hold the plastic panel in place.

Finished cap is a huge improvement over a simple scarf or hat.
Standing outside in single digits, breathing is comfortable, nose is warm, cheeks are warm.
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You know they make ski masks, right?

When it gets down to -20F I'll feel sorry for you.
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I like your home made ski mask I could have used something like that earlier when it was only 20 degrees outside. Right now at 10:17 p.m. it is 13.8 degrees outside which my Weather Bug rounds up to 14 degrees and I for one have no plans to go out in those temperatures I would rather stay inside sipping my coffee or tea.
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I like your toque.

Toque is todays newly learned word from this thread:
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Necessity is the mother of invention. Currently -17 here and IF I had to go out, my pull over cap with two eye holes and a small slit for breathing is close at hand. I wrap a scarf around to help warm the incoming air and can shift it as any frost accumulates.

Good job
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Originally Posted by Bud9051
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Yep - just happened that the artic blast coincided with a lot of shoveling, AND a meteor shower
that peaked at 4 am.

Originally Posted by Bud9051
I wrap a scarf around to help warm the incoming air and can shift it as any frost accumulates.
I was surprised, with the plastic baffle- exhaled moisture gets deflected back into the mask,
so there's no frost at the mouth of the mask.

The initial reason for the baffle was that I still have a cough from the flu last week, wanted to avoid that sharp shot of chillled air that can set off a painful coughing fit. Baffle worked as expected, by blocking the cold air and inhaling the warmed air from inside the mask.
Not having the mouth or nose frost up is a nice side benefit.

Three hours outside, was quite comfortable with just the mask.
Once the wind began to gust up added a hooded sweatshirt, but was comfortable then.
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When I had an issue with cold, I just moved where it doesn't get that low in

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