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Quote of the day!!!

Talking with the admiral today about how our days were, I told her "I fixed a few neighbors frozen/burst pipes today."

She knows I have been doing this a couple days now and never mentioned anything about it really but chalked it up to the cold weather.

She said , Yes some employees have broken/burst at her work, or the pipes are frozen, and they have no water.

She looked at me with a straight face and asked,

"Why don't we have frozen pipes"....

I said what? What did you just say? I stood there looking in those glazed over eyes of hers for a few moments. I wanted to say more... But, I twitched my eye, turned, and walked away...

I guess she has nothing to talk about around the water cooler so she feels left out..

Plus she must have forgot that when we first bought this house I gutted the plumbing and heating loops and re-piped it all my way. And added heat to the crawlspace. Upstairs loop returns moved out of knee walls and such. Insulation, insulation, insulation..

What does she think I do around here?

The audacity to ask me that...!!!!Ahh, the admiral...May not seem funny, but if you know me I was speechless...

Anyone with a similar Admiral Quotes?
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LOL... too funny.

My wife asked me once if I knew how to change a garbage disposal. I suppose she knew the answer was probably yes, but I was just astonished at the way she asked it, as if I had never done it. My reply was probably something stingingly sarcastic like, "Well, yeah... of COURSE I know how to change a garbage disposal", followed by a few seconds of glaring in disbelief that she would even pose the question. heh heh!

Of course, the reason she asked was because she was setting me up for the next question... "Can you show me how to do it?" (She's real sweet when she wants something.) LOL

She has a cleaning business and also does some minor property management, painting and repairs for a property owner in town.
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If my wife ask me if I can do something and I say probably not, she then says, well maybe one of our sons or son-in-law can do it. That usually gets a yes I can do it response.
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I'm still having a hard time explaining to my wife that the prep works needs to be done first. I don't understand how she can think that you can start or just jump to the finishing part

When we were dating she told me her Monte Carlo was turbo charged. When I questioned her on it she said you could hear it kick in when you stomp on the gas. She thought that when you accelerated and caused the tranny to downshift - that was a turbo.
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Wife looked over my shoulder when I was studying for a diploma final. I was reviewing single and three phase sine waves. Being a cardiac nurse, she was wondering why the waves were curved and not pointy like "normal".
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Because the circuit was de-energized and the electrons were resting, right?

About 2 years after we were married and stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro (CA), my spousal unit had to pick me up from the hangar one day because my car was dead. While transiting the perimeter road back to the gate we happened to be driving behind a bright yellow follow-me truck. When the truck turned off, she asked if she had to follow him.

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