What does Zechariah 3:1-5 tell us..

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What does Zechariah 3:1-5 tell us..

Anybody know the Bible pretty good?

That Jesus forgives a sinner even in rags even a priest?
Im a bit new to learning the bible.
Im looking for a good site to explain bible verses on what they mean

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Hi fat Daddy...

This may not be the place for your religious questions...

Although this is a general chat section the site itself is geared toward DIY and home improvement..

IMO your best off finding a bible believing church that will teach the scripture out of the bible.

There are many around.. You just need to find the one you like...

Here is an online bible in any version... I use it.. I like the king james version...

Here start with John 3:16...

John 3 KJV - There was a man of the Pharisees, named - Bible Gateway
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Referrals to appropriate sites/chat rooms are welcome...but please, no theological discussions here or the thread will be closed. Respect for all Members beliefs as stated in the rules.

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For a search tool, I like wol.jw.org.

For Bible study publications that can be read online or downloaded in any format or audio, video, I like jw.org

If you are looking for a Bible app, search Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store or Amazon) for JWLibrary, which contains 5 Bible versions, (including the American Standard and KJV) for a verse by verse, side by side comparison, which is sometimes helpful to gain understanding on a verse that may be hard to understand due to language.

Sticking to referrals.
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There are also many discussion forums where the bible is discussed by different faiths. I belonged to a christian discussion forum for a while that was non denominational that I liked but found I really didn't have much time for it and haven't visited it in a long time. The catholic church has several forums as do the protestant faiths and I have checked into the catholic ones as I am catholic. I think those are great places for scripture discussion. I wouldn't recommend any though as you really need to experience them for yourself to see if you like them.

As for online bibles in my opinion they are not nearly as good as a printed bible or even one that is a computer program where you can look up a bible quote. One good catholic program was What do you want to know about the Catholic Church that had the bible and church documents. It might not be available any more as I bought that years ago.
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