noise blocking, cancelling.... earmuffs


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noise blocking, cancelling.... earmuffs


I would really appreciate your input on that one.

I am trying to build a project, which will be designed to reduce the noise from the outside - traffic noise, wind noise - etc at least reduction by 20db - 30db. I was thinking about inserting few soundproofing isolating layers into the earmuffs.

I was just curious what is the best configuration to do so ?

So far I have been thinking about a green glue as a dampening compound between the thin layers of plywood/MLV to deal with vibrations and low frequency noise.

Will reduction in noise be achievable, would it be dangerous/unhealthy for the ear to wear something like that close to my head ?

Something like that:

I would greatly appreciate your input on that challenge.

All the best.
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Why not just buy them? 3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff -

You will need mass to cancel out low frequencies.
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Those earmuffs are so cheap and have many positive reviews. I'll probably order a couple, hopefully they are durable and survive the working conditions.
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What will the working conditions be?

These ear muffs, and others like it, are commonly used to protect hearing in environments like engines rooms, factories, construction sites, airport tarmacs/aircraft carriers, and firing ranges.

For maximum protection, use ear plugs with the ear muffs.

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