are gas prices on the rise?


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are gas prices on the rise?

Went to town today and needed to fill my jeep up while I was out. Most of the stations I drove past had 4-5 cars in line at each pump There was a wide range of prices too, $3.15-$3.29. [I payed $3.18] The crazy thing is the higher the posted price, the more cars there seemed to be in line
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Because they figure it will go up more by tomorrow! That's still cheaper than the West coast at 3.69 to 4.09
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I know our region has lower gas prices compared to much of the US I was just surprised by both how much gas jumped since the last time I went out [I think it was $3.06 most places Monday] and how many people were getting gas ...... maybe I just don't get out much
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I live close to a refinery where you'd expect the prices to be lower..... NOT !

Gas has remained fairly constant in this area but diesel, my choice of fuels, is pretty high.
I watched as it went down a penny or two in a week for many weeks but went back up .15 in a day. Diesel here is now 3.99-4.39

The explanation is they're changing from winter to summer fuel.... what ?
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Most of the pricing is driven by demand, with some exceptions, such as summer/winter and the refinery change-overs and as usually the storage capacity at refineries and even local stations.

Our local station (regional chain) has a huge amount of cash invested in the fuel in the tanks. - They have your usual high and lower octane(both leaded) with 15% and 20% ethanol, ethanol free, high octane unleaded in addition to kerosene. - The reason is the number of different type vehicles and the demand for fuel for snowmobiles, ATVs and boats. - That is a lot of costly inventory($$$). Now they are going to offer LNG in addition to propane.

Summer or winter, you have to top off before noon on Thursday before the week-end exodus because of the number of pumps available before the week-end increase. If you stay in town, you do not fill up until Tuesday morning if you want to save a few cents.

Even a large national chain (like Costco) will have different prices at different stores despite being the same distance from the refinery.

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It went up here about 10 days ago and is continuing to rise. Was around 3.03 in some places in Omaha, filled up the other day for 3.39. Fremont was 3.33 today. Need to figure out why my truck is still running rough... i'm losing a couple MPG's from it, I'm sure.
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I just checked the gas app for greater Cincinnati. Prices range from 3.22 to 3.89 per gallon. Stations closest to me are at 3.69. I'm not going far with the "white death" coming Sunday.
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Ours has fluctuated a bit in the last 2 weeks...but still around $3.10 most places. Not that I really keep track. 1 tank is lasting me a month at least. Thats the way it is when ya got nowhere to go and nothing to do.
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Ram fuel gauge "ding dinged" Thursday evening. I noted diesel was $3.73 at my favorite station. I knew I had enough fuel to make it through Friday. Diesel Friday at noon jumped to $3.85 at the same station. Changing from winter to summer fuel......baloney! Summer fuel has less components in it, so it should be cheaper. All they do in winter is increase the cetane value, which is not needed in summer.
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I don't even notice the price anymore. I need it, so I gotta pay no matter.
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are gas prices on the rise?
Answer: YES!!!...

West Coast high price excuse is "SEASONAL" change over. Question is WHY must ALL refineries change over at the same time??? Answer: 'Cause they CAN. No law nor restriction to make them change over separately, one at a time!!!... Results they calm is during such change over time, there is a supply shortage??? Oh REALLY!!! B. S. They GOT 'YA.

I need it, so I gotta pay no matter.
... Excellent response provided thus far.... Pay Up, Shut Up or Due Without!!!....

Out this way, our elected leaders are still trying to figure out why prices rose up so fast from way back three years ago. Solution is to form a committee, pay them very well and allow them all the time they need, to determine why. Still working on all 3 of them. No reason yet determined. ($$$)

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Here's a nostalgic look at gas prices: When you're watching the numbers go by on the pump, imagine the "gallons" readout is $ and the "dollar/cents" readout is gallons.

Be thankful you don't burn it at 8.15 mpg (my last fill-up).
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Like those cartoons!
I remember when the gallons ticked off a lot quicker than the $s. Gas averaged 25 cent a gallon when I got my first car, I'm slightly amazed that we are able to pay $3+ per gallon.

TG, my ford 4x4 only gets 11-12 mpg BUT it doesn't get driven a lot. I'm sure your mileage being tax deductible only helps so much.
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Where I pump my diesel has a large filler handle, since they fuel large trucks as well. It will pump $80 of fuel in under 80 seconds. I feel like I am filling an old Indy car.

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