New phone scam


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New phone scam

We have now gotten two calls from a 215 area code that has the heading of "School District" on the caller ID. It sounds like a call center and the person I was talking to had a foreign accent. The first thing they said to me is that they "were calling about our windows computer". Sadly our phones are having issues because of the water and our phone disconnected but my wife talked to them more and did some research and found that they are fishing for info about your IP, passwords, and other personal info.

Just want to post this so that others can be aware of this scam.
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Yeah. That's been around for awhile. I am getting those calls now too. They want me to go to my computer and do stuff. My new move for telemarketers is to answer all of their questions with grunts or some other noise. It is surprising how long they put up with my nonsense before hanging up.
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Another scam I heard about is the cell phone scam. Somewhere off shore they call your phone number and maybe you don't recognize the number and you call it back. They then get you with a huge long distance bill and surcharges because it happens to be to a chat line. So beware and don't call back a number you don't recognize.
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I do like drooplug does if I don't have anything else to do. I mean...I know many of these people are just trying to survive and will take any job they can find, I just want to cost the company behind it as much money and time as I can.

Sometimes I use my bosun's pipe if I keep getting the same calls day after day.
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Next time you get one, play along. I got one of those, "This is Tech Support and we've noticed your computer may be infected, blah, blah, blah", so I said, "OH! Which computer? I have three: a Dell, an HP, and a Toshiba". That really flummoxed the idiot on the other end. If he had named one of my choices I would have said, "Oh, I wonder how that would happen and how you would know; that's the only one of the three not on a network."
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Got a similar call from a 425 phone number. It was the same script, the caller was calling about my windows computer. But there was no chance he'd fool me. I don't have a Windows computer. I got a Mac.
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Hmmm, might have to use that on next caller about my Windows computer "problem".

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