IRS Phone Scam


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IRS Phone Scam

I imagine about everybody here has heard about this but thought I should post this in case some haven't. It seems that there are people impersonating IRS agents and calling people demanding money from them. At first it was mainly immigrants but the crooks are being more bold and calling others.

People have been told to wire money to these so called agents or to get a debit card and send them money that way. In reality the IRS sends out notices in the mail first and then if they need to they call people if absolutely necessary. They do that only after the person receiving the notice calls them first .

Here is a link to a news story it essentially says what I heard on tv IRS watchdog says costly phone scam targeting thousands is largest ever | Fox News .
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I can see where a recent immigrant or someone who speaks limited English might fall for it, but hard to imagine any reasonably well-educated person biting. On the other hand, an awful lot of people have been taken in by the "grandson scam":

Scammers are stealing from elderly by posing as grandkids in trouble | Local News | The Seattle Times

Used to be the scammers would start this scam but identifying themselves as "your favorite grandson". I noticed in this article reference is made to social media as a means of gleaning all the required personal info to pull off the scam.
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I agree probably mainly immigrants but the elderly too. I have also seen what your article I know is referring to as the Facebook scheme. You don't even have to be on Facebook either for them to start the scheme up. All they need is just a little bit of information from some other family member who is on Facebook or to be fair any other social media and then they have you. It is why I tell my family to be careful what they post. I now have a Facebook account but would rather not have one. I mainly joined to get pictures.

That and it is a bit easier now to be able to get in touch with family but I only do that through private messages and only publicly comment sporadically. Much safer that way if you really do need a Facebook account.

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