Electrical tap


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Electrical tap

Well at least he had his grounding in place

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Unfriggin believable. Was that intended as a permanent tap?
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Just when you thought you'd seen it all

A yr or so after I bought my place I had a big electrical issue which was beyond my ability to diagnose so I called in an electrician. He stated [correctly] that there was a short in the underground service. Turns out that the yahoos that wired it originally ran short so they spliced the wires. They must have used a roll of tape [or more] per splice!
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There area couple of possible explanations, although I don't think that would ever be considered best practice.

The installation is obviously a large circuit breaker panel or a unit substation. The cabinet would be at least six feet high with access doors on at least one side. Those could be medium voltage conductors, 4,160 volts or higher. At least a 480 volt delta connection. With medium and high voltages the conductor construction is quite a bit different than with low voltage, below 600 volts. Medium and high voltage conductors have a shield around the insulated inner conductor and that shield is grounded for all three phases. Generally there are special connectors used to connect the shields but it may be that VERY short sheet-metal screws are acceptable in some very specific applications. I have never done any medium or high voltage work myself, only observed it being done and seen the final applications. Since the screws (if allowable) would be thoroughly insulated and taped it is doubtful that I would have ever seen this type of connection.

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