To all my forum friends.


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To all my forum friends.

Early this morning I wrote a rather scathing response to a fellow member. I chastised this member on several points and I suspect that i will be at least temporarily suspendered () or outright banned for my nastiness. If so, then it has been fun these last years.

I do not apologize for anything I have written over the years, including these last few posts. I am getting rather tired of people that have no training making wild claims of what they think a poster might have asked or stated and I am tired of those few posters that are unwilling to accept the voices of experience but just want someone to bless their project, no matter how wrong they may be.

Even if I somehow come through unscathed I will be cutting way back on my posting, my health is failing and I have far too many things left to accomplish in my remaining time. Best wishes to all.

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Hang in there. The short time I've been on this forum, you've become one of the "go to" guys to get good info. Although I do not always agree with you I do rely on your experience.

You're not the first or will be the last to "correct" a poster. Maybe a bit over zelouse at times but it happens. I hope you don't get banned and do please continue to post and comment.

ps...Hope you get better health wise.
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Hi Joel, I recently snapped at a poster for similar reasons and gave myself a time out for it. It was my fault for letting the thread get under my skin.

There is a personal side to this forum, meeting people like you and many others, all-be-it incognito. Then there is the totally impersonal side where we try to help people who don't give a rat's backside who we are. Yes, we do get a thank you from time to time and some even sound sincere and for that I guess we can try our best if for nothing else but to share time with those we enjoy. And I enjoy sharing time with you.

I hope the mods take no action as I, in my time here, have seen far too many valuable posters fade away. Take the good shots and let the rest fly past, I/we enjoy your company.

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I think I found the post you're referring to and while not "polite" it is not particularly offensive. It appeared the poster only skimmed the thread before spouting off their self proclaimed knowledge in seemingly endless paragraph (I only had the patience to read 1/3 of it).

Hang in there and I hope your health improves.
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Joel, your experience and knowledge is very valuable please continue to post as much as your health permits. If you feel you go a little far and it is past edit time just PM me and I'll edit for you. Heck, you should see some of the posts I almost make or self delete after 5 minutes.

Wishing you beter health,
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There may be many experts that visit this forum, but very very few bother to answer questions--especially from the many 1-post members. I hope you don't go--your help is important here. OTOH your reply crossed the line into a personal attack and isn't going to increase the answers/questions ratio.
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Joel after all this time I finally get to know your name and would like to say while I too may not always agree with you I call you my friend as that is what you have been. Friends should at least know each others first names and mine is Richard. Larry Chandler knows my name so I figure you should too and anyone else can either call me Richard or hedgeclippers. I understand though what you are saying about someone not understanding something and you try to get through to a person.

Well I am not an expert on things but do try to help and have learned things by coming here. Sometimes the experts though can get on your nerves and you have to call them out for being hot heads. One member in particular and not you who I am not naming as any dispute I had with that member is long over with. Besides that person has the right to say whatever the member feels within the rules so it would not be right to name said member. Speaking of rules it is also against the rules to name that person and just plain rude too.

In conclusion Joel I wish you well and hope you get better. I also hope to see you around your input here has been very valuable and hope you can post some more as your health allows. Take care my friend!
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Isn't that always the way? You make one small guffaw and own up to it and everybody rallies around you. But try and sneak one through and you get busted.

Joel/Furd, you'll be around a long time yet. Guys like you can't help but help those of us who need help (Does that even make any sense?).

Bet you can't stay away before your in the thick of it giving advice and how to's. And for those who can't take the heat, well stay out of the garage.
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We have all walked the line. I have grown much more patient in this forum than I am in real life. In life, I'm working for the benefit of a client who has hired me for my talent and expertise. Someone who has earned the right to my best performance and I always strive to deliver. The forums give me a chance to give some of that expertise back to the community in an unselfish and giving manner that makes me feel good that I have helped someone out. However, the reality is that the internet has created a bunch of anonymous "know it all's" who demonstrate their ignorance just by adding their two cents. I thinks it is both proper and needed to put them in their place if they cross over the line. So many people read these posts that an improper suggestion could be read hundreds of times and be thought of as truth. In this line of work that can be both costly and deadly dangerous. A stern tone is sometimes required.

I have sent many a PM that praised fellow posters for saying what needed to be said when the conversation deemed it necessary. Yours, I will say publicly as I feel you were justified and correct.

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Besides, who will correct our spelling and grammatical errors
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Joel, Please don't go. Your advice as well as everyone else's here has become an invaluable resource since I joined in 2010, when I was just a mere 14. I always enjoy reading your posts on here, and whenever I receive a personal message on here. While I don't have as much time to read through every thread and comment like I used to, this is still my favorite forum, and my first go-to because of all of the experience and seasoned professionals on here. You in particular have been able to help me on projects no one else has, which I have great respect for. If you like, I can PM you my personal e-mail address so we can continue on via. e-mail.

Sincerely, Justin.
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Thank you all for the kind words. One correction, I'm not leaving until I am pushed out kicking and screaming. I did not make this post in hopes of getting people to ask me to stay, far from it. The object of the post was to inform everyone why I was banned, if that happened. I have often seen people that have been banned and wondered just what exactly was the reason. I didn't want anyone wondering in case it happened to me.

I will be posting less than I did, in fact I have already cut back from just a few months ago. Typing is getting more and more difficult as my nerve degeneration progresses and sitting for long hours also takes its toll. Also, as I stated in my original post I have too many other projects to tend to before too many years pass.

Chandler, I have only barely touched the surface of the spelling and grammar errors I see on this forum. Correcting all the errors would be a full time job for a dozen people. Just be glad that I didn't major in English! I will say, again, that I am utterly appalled at how our language has deteriorated over the last couple of decades and it grieves me deeply that Americanized English spelling, usage and grammar is no longer taught in the public schools.

Justin, I'm sometimes hard on you but I mean it for your own good. You remind me of myself in many ways. Study your English usage and you will do well in life. As for this being your favorite forum, mine too. I have joined several DIY-type forums over the years but this is the single one that I have been a steady participant. In my opinion this IS the best DIY type forum on the Internet and it has the best members who are willing to share their expertise freely.

Now I need to go post some questions of my own.
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the reality is that the internet has created a bunch of anonymous "know it all's" who demonstrate their ignorance just by adding their two cents
You said a mouthful there! I think for the most part folks see thru those types of posters ... and we do try to set them straight so nobody takes wrong info for fact. Mostly, I think those idiots just make the rest of us look smarter.

Joel, I hope everything goes well for you and you have more great days than bad ones. I wish I didn't know anything about the not so good days but you know how that goes
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Joel I like this forum too and it is much better than what This Old House has or had as they were offline for many months and that is one of the things that attracted me here. I had questions on how to fix things as a landlord and later found that I too had a niche here too as some people have had questions about tenants or being a tenant. Sometimes folks sure don't listen and they go ahead and do things you advise them against but that is life.

I found other forums and still have my membership with This OLD but this really is home base for me even if I might get frustrated at times. I understand though how it is difficult at times to get around I see that with my elderly mom whom I live with but received some great advice concerning a walk in shower here and it has helped her a great deal. When I can I may post some pictures here of it.
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The real problem is dealing with "ignorant" and "stupid".

Ignorant is okay. I am ignorant of many subjects. That is why I hang out on DIY forums. I want to cure my ignorance.
Many years ago an oldster explained the difference between ignorant and stupid to me.

If you have never been exposed, you are ignorant. If you were exposed and it didn't take, then you are stupid.

Basically, there is no cure for stupid!

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A variation of what I tell people. Ignorance is not knowing, stupidity is not wanting to know.

No shame whatsoever in being ignorant as we are all ignorant about something.

There IS a cure for stupidity, but first one needs to want to be cured.
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Hi: Joel

Forum Friends. Count me in...

You're a valuable asset on this site! Hope you don't choose to leave. Without any doubt you have displayed an outstanding ability to read and comprehend. Then post some of the best solutions and helpful advice in a professional manner.

Many members have a high regard for the valuable advice you provide. Myself included. Many members on this site and on the web can read the professional info you provide through our search engine and several other search engines on the internet.

Choose the method that works best for you selecting topics to reply to. Then post your best information and let the member posting the question (OP) determine from which information best applies to their situation, etc. Many members read & learn from the posts you make even if the OP does not post a reply, etc.

You should not be punished, suspended nor should you be banned...:NO NO NO:

RELAX! Don't stress out or allow some members to boil your blood nor get under your skin. Don't let the B-a-s-t-a-r-d-s wear 'ya down. Ignore posts with poor and/or unprofessional generic info. Report those whom provide unsafe conditions, code violations, rule and/or policy violations and such.

Bare in mind, you're not alone with such feelings. Where it applies, Can't change any ones mind. You (us) can only hope to open it. A mind is like a parachute. Does not function until it is open...

Keep up the good work. Best Regards and Good Health.

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