Magical postings?


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Magical postings?

I, like many of my friends here, come to the forum on a daily basis (multiple times I might add) and at the very least, browse to see if any active threads that I have responded to have additional posts to respond to. I post if warranted and move on to other internet or work related activities.

More often than I care to admit, I am browsing and suddenly come across a 2 to 3 day old thread with a dozen posts that I am just seeing for the first time. Where do they come from, and how could I miss after visiting the forums half a dozen times or so? I view by visiting "Today's Posts". Anyone else experience these magically appearing postings? or is it just me, getting older, and not seeing the forest for the trees?
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Ha, funny, but that even happens to me, too!
The only thing I can think of, is that a post is entered at just the moment you leave, so that the next time you come in here, it's added to the "read" list. Or, your (our) eyes are focused on a couple of other threads and one of them, is just plain overlooked.
Maybe there's just too many threads to read!
Anyways, it's not just you.
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Ray and Mark and YOU do it to me all the time. We post the same minute, but mine is second and we almost duplicate answers. It's good confirmation.
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I have to say it seems something similar happens to me too. I will also click the "today's posts" link, which will list all the day's posts, but highlight the ones that are new since I last checked. I'm really only looking for topics that interest me that I might be able to comment on... which is usually a pretty limited type of question.

Occasionally there will be one that pops up that I seem to have completely missed... and like you say, it will have 5 comments and 200 views but its like I'm seeing it all the sudden for the first time.

I don't think I'm that dense that I just missed it, although maybe I am. LOL
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I think it's server lag. I see it all the time. I was going to say something about it but you beat me to it.
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I have that happen to me too mainly it seems in the computer section. I am either the one whose post is on top or not on top. Sometimes two minds with the same thought as you said Larry. Sometimes though I will wait out a question and see if someone else answers and if their answer is sufficient I just let it go and don't bother with it. It is kind of funny though and interesting to see what the other person will post regardless of topic. This is the first place I look to too before any other website and the last one at night because it is interesting. Never a dull moment.
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I must admit, posting late at night has its short comings as well. More than a couple of times I have logged on in the morning and see a post that I have commented on that I don't even recognize. until that is that I re-read the post, then it jostles the memory. But more and more, it seems that the older I get, the more reliant I have become on leaving myself notes. Be it on a post-it stuck to my computer (I count 6 right now), notes app in the phone, reminders in the phone or if it is something I need for the job in the morning, I slide a note into the dash and cover up the speedometer section so I have to see it. Otherwise, I show up at the job and slap myself on the side of the head that I forgot something I needed that day.
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I also see posts that I wonder how I missed earlier

I don't think I'm that dense that I just missed it, although maybe I am.
I resemble that remark

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