Truck towing test...


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Truck towing test...

Thought some might find this interesting. Went to celebrate wifes birthday in Laughlin and on the way there, saw them tow testing a couple of Fords. Had 1 lane closed with Prepare to Stop and Special Event signs all over, flagmen, couple of ADOT vehicles, AZDPS (State Police) all over the place. An instrument van with antennas all over it. 2 F-somethings hooked to about 20 ft enclosed cargo trailers. 2 chase vehicles with flashing signs on the back. Must have been 15 or 20 photographers/videographers scattered up and down from the bottom to the crest.

At first, when I saw the first 2 DPS vehicles, I thought it was a speed trap or an illegal immigration stop.

Would have liked to see them do it, but it wasn't MY birthday.

That Dam Towing Test: New SAE Trailering Standards Explained - Tech Dept. - Car and Driver
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That hill climb would be quite a test around 2 or 4 pm in the summer. On a 105f day at standard air pressure the density altitude would be about 3'500 feet at the start and only get worse during the climb. That poor truck engine and it's smoking cooling system...
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It was actually about 2 pm (our check-in was 3PM), outside temp high 90's+. Like I said, wish I could have hung around. Of course, I don't know the load they were hauling.
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Finally, some standardized towing specifications. Beats the guessing game of who's truck will haul what best.

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