Re-sell of old fixtures?


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Re-sell of old fixtures?

Didn't want to clutter up the plumbing thread. I know many old sinks and tubs are sold at salvage yards to restoration people, but what about toilets?

I thought they weren't allowed to be re-sold if they didn't meet standards? I know any returned toilets when worked at HD were sent back to the manufacturer. Of course they were inspected to see if they had been installed at all and I'm sure that was a sanitary thing.

Reason I ask is I just saw a Dirty Jobs where they were pulling old fixtures out of a structure and sending them to their salvage yard.

Sinks, tubs, faucets, etc...I understand...but is re-cycling a toilet ok?

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Yuk and double YUK! Can't imagine who would want to buy someone else's toilet.
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When I was still a newlywed we bought a house that had a washdown toilet, the kind that plugs easily and the outlet is at the front of the bowl. Wife wanted to change the bathroom fixtures to green but when I told her how much work changing the tub would be she relented and said just the toilet and washbasin would be okay. Pricing new green toilets we soon found the cost was prohibitive so we checked for used. Found one in the "Little Nickel" free advertising paper for $25 and bought it. Scrubbed it well in the front yard and some 22 years later (long after the divorce) that toilet was still working fine when I sold the place.

Soap and water can do wonders.
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With my current house, about nine months after moving in the neighboring county (my city straddles the county line) had a program where they would give $40 for each toilet replaced with the 1.6 gallon per flush model. Since I was going to eventually replace the toilets anyway this was an added incentive to get going on the project. They had a vacant lot (a LARGE lot) where people brought their old toilets for the rebate and the toilets were being smashed.
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I personally think selling used toilets is fine and if I couldn't find something I liked new I would certainly buy used. However I would only buy used if the place had certain standards and that would be that the toilets were sold in sanitary conditions and like new. Technically speaking it is against the law to sell toilets that don't meet the 1.6 gallon per flush standard but some older toilets could be brought up to that standard with new equipment. Not all toilets just some as it depends upon bowl and tank size.

I heard a several years ago when the new toilet standard was issued and made the law that Canada was still making toilets with the old 3.5 gallon standard. I also heard that smugglers were sneaking illegal toilets across the border. Not sure if all of that was true or not but it was what I had heard then. Canada though from what I have heard now has adopted the 1.6 gallon standard so no more toilet smuggling is going on.
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Sadly our supply of high water volume toilets has dried up!

The efficient ones do save a lot of water but where there is a very long horizontal run the solids wind up running out of water causing blockages.
Makers are suggesting power flush toilets to help this and we are trying them but we fortunately have stockpiled a good supply of old toilets for problem installs.

Anyone know if there is a code restriction on the length of a horizontal run on a low volume toilet?
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OK, redneck coming out. My dad changed toilets once due to a cracked tank. Trashed the tank, set the bowl at the end of his muscadine arbor, 3/4 filled it with dirt and grew tomatoes quite successfully. It seems the trap on the bowl keeps just enough water to feed the plant and allow the excess to run out. Recycle !!
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Ever by a not new house? Did you use the toilet that was there? Ever use a toilet at a friends house? Ever stay in a hotel? We use used toilets all the time so whats the big deal. If it is clean, so what?
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I agree with you Ray. I have seen some commodes that I wouldn't even want to clean but I don't think you'd find any of those for sale. I have installed a used commode a time or two and never thought twice about it as long as it worked like it's supposed to.
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Our local Restore accepts and sells used toilets, and we actually installed one for someone within the past couple of years, a low income household that needed a taller one for health reasons. It was clean and in good shape when we picked it up, but put on some heavy gloves and scrubbed it good just to be sure. I'm generally on the side of what might be called fussy about such things, but there are aren't a lot of other choices than sharing with strangers when travelling or on a jobsite, so, with proper precautions, don't see why anything should be wrong with it.
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Older homes with cast drain lines or long runs to the street need the extra water to help move things down the line. I've heard plumbers suggest occasionally filling the tub with water and then letting it out to help clean the lines (kinda defeats the low flow purpose of saving water).

I donate used toilets for these reasons to the Habitat ReStore so that those who truely need a high flush toilet can get one. I also fairly regularly donate them to our community center. It is an older building and between the pool and clubhouse, have 8 toilets installed and in use. I always give the Pres. of the Assoc. a call to see if they need a backup one whenever I change one out.
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The only place a used or old high vol. toilet can't be used is in new construction. The whole point of china is the ability not to harbor bacteria. A good cleaning with bleach should normally disinfect a used toilet.

Many old toilets are being replaced by the Hi-Seat units at about 17 to 19 inches high due to the aging population of the country and certain areas especially like Western New York.

Which brings up the question of the duel flush units. I like them and I think they are a definate water saver. We do not carry them in our store. I asked the Manfields rep about that. He told me that its a geographical thing. Here in the East and Great lakes area water is not a major concern and a result the duel flush units are not a demand item. However, in the Southwest the demand is great and it sells well.
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I personally am not against those dual flush toilets but my plumber we have known for years is and since he is I don't bring it up. Our friend says they just don't flush as well and he doesn't like those 1.6 gallon toilets either but installs them when he has to.

I have my own concerns about those high pressure toilet tanks and we have a toilet with a plastic inner tank that was once recalled. They say the newer tank is safe but I think the jury is still out on that. So far though it seems to be o.k. and does flush solids better upstairs than the other toilet we have in the basement that is not pressure assist(although it works o.k. most of the time). So unfortunately in some homes pressure assist is the only way to go unless you want to use a plunger

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