I feel so dumb!


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I feel so dumb!

After all the advice we give in the electrical forum about how to locate bad receptacle wiring by going to the last good or first bad receptacle/switch, I had a complete DUH moment all day today.

A client's brother in law moved some ceiling fans and wound up with non working lights/fans as well as porch lights, etc. With limited information, we went to work to make sure the 3 way switching was good, but I kept getting 123 volts neutral to ground. Rather than stopping and being logical, I continued working from the fans to their switching, and FINALLY realized the closet light was the only thing on the circuit that was working properly. Major DUH.

I told my helper to pull the closet switch and reconnect the loose neutral to the bundle. He questioned me, but I assured him there was a loose neutral in there. Sure enough, there it was. He was amazed.
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Good to keep the help amazed. Cuts down on the back talk.
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We all have our DUH moments. I had one yesterday. With the elimination of copper phone lines and the ever expansion of the internet... we use a lot of network communication modules where the alarm connects to the central station via the internet.

I have to program these modules for the systems they are connected to. They have a mac address on them that gets entered into the programming. I had a4 instead of 4a. Spent two hours trying to figure out where the problem was.
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And while I believe we get smarter as we age, our ability to remember that info as needed seems to decline Saturday I changed the oil in my jeep like I had a dozen or so times before but why did I only buy 5 qts of oil when I know it takes 6

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