What is it with people?


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What is it with people?

Young woman my wife is acquainted with wants to go on some sort of religious mission to Istanbul for 2 years. Ok, I'm fine with someone wanting to follow their beliefs, but here's the kicker. She put a post up on Facebook asking for 100 people to pledge $25/mo for the whole 2 years to pay for her travel and expense. That's $60000 total! Are you freaking kidding me?

Hey, I'd like to buy a truck so that I can help clean up my town and haul trash to the landfill. Since it will take up so much of my time I won't be able to work (not that I do now) so if everyone here could just give me $500 in a one time payment, I'll be able to buy a nice new truck and trailer.
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What's even worse than her asking for it, is anyone that would actually give it! I know I sure wouldn't. :NO NO NO:
BUT at least she's being honest about what she wants it for. I've heard of several stories where someone pretends they, or someone they know, like their kid, has cancer or some other illness. Again, ignorance and stupidity come into play for anyone that would fall for it.
It's one crazy (and lazy) world.
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Yeah, I grew up down the street from a guy who does the same thing - had a deal lined up to go to a seminary with someone else paying the bill and that fell through so he was asking people to support him, his wife and their four children. Umm... maybe get a job?
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Hey, I didn't know that was an option I'd go easy on everyone wonder how many people would need to send me $20 a month to make my retirement extra nice
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Don't wooly someone will send the money. But I think it might be illegal.
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I like to travel. Can I get each of you guys to contribute $100 per month to my travel fund? I'd ask for $25 but I really hate riding in coach.
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You just have to deadhead I guess PD. Sorry about those jumpseats. (Do they still have those?)
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Back when I was very young there were people who would put adds in the back of pulp magazines that just said: "Send Money Today" and an address. Nothing else in the ad. From what I read at least some people sent money.
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I think it is o.k. for people to ask for funding but as Becky said to be honest about their intentions. I just hate it when someone says they need money for something really important and then they receive the funds and it turns out they never needed the money in the first place. I knew of someone who did that, he said he needed money for oil from a pastor at a church we were attending and we later learned he was lying. What made me so mad is we had introduced him to our pastor so we didn't have anything to do with that person for a long time afterwards.
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Ray, that reminds me of a story my daddy told me. As I recall, he said he was about 10-12 years old at the time (this would have been in the early 1930s) and he found a matchbook that had an ad inside stating how to become rich. You had to send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a dime or quarter or something. He did it and after a few months he got his return envelope in the mail. Inside was a short note that read: Catch the suckers like I do!
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Will that $60,000 cover the kidnapping ransom, too?
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If you look on kickstarter you will find people who want to do things like do a road trip or something similar. They get people to donate, not sure why.

On a side note I just got a reply of a scam on craigslist that I inquired about (looking to buy a zero turn mower) Got the usual scam info. Wish I knew a way to catch them and spend .19 cents to solve that problem.

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