As PT Barnum said.....


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As PT Barnum said.....

A sucker born every minute.

Full page ad in center of first section of local newspaper this morning. Silver "bars" stamped with State of Florida outline on one side and Seminole Indian profile on reverse along with official-looking numbers ,etc. "Florida residents" can get one "free" bar by ordering the "brick" of six. Total weight of silver is 187 grams; that's grams, not ounces. Doing the math, that's 6.5 ounces. And you can get this offer for the amazing low price of just $258!!! Oh, wait.....checking the financial page, today's price of silver is $19/ounce. Hmmmm 6.5 x $19..... = $123. Boy what a deal!!! I can get $123 worth of silver for just $258!!!!
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Aimed primarily at your retirement population, I am sure. No, wait, they are all up here until next week, I forgot! They could have at least emblazoned them with a Georgia Bulldog.
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.... but you have to pay for those 2 stamps on the bar
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When I finally had to take over my dad's checkbook, he could no longer write, I realized he had lost the ability to sort out these types of scams years ago. Silver/gold happened to be a couple of his weak spots. Unfortunately older people exhibit those weaknesses at a variety of ages, 30 to 90, so hard to prevent.

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Unfortunately older people exhibit those weaknesses at a variety of ages, 30 to 90,
A real wiseguy

That was just a primer..... you missed the everglades sale on the next page.
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Silver "bars". Cute. Sounds better than "wafer" I suppose.

"Not shown actual size"

Magnifier not included.

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