Black Nitrile Gloves


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Black Nitrile Gloves

For several years I've purchased blue or purple nitrile gloves in Walmart's pharmacy
department. They do tear, but the price is very good if you buy the 100 pack. They
stretch a lot without ripping so "one size fits all" is generally true.

I have tried black "industrial strength" nitrile gloves. They were awful. If I sneezed
they ripped!

I was just looking at a long list of black nitrile gloves on eBay. I have no idea if they're
any good and I'm puzzled about the size. If I buy better quality pigskin or goatskin
leather gloves, medium is the right size for me.

100 black gloves purchased locally is too expensive. I like a snug fit so I can handle
small objects. Since I don't know anything about brands, all the gloves on eBay look
the same to me. Also, I've got to pick a size. Should it be medium (like leather gloves)
or large?

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I'd go medium - glove sizes aren't universal but I haven't seen really wild differences.
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Not know what the purpose is for you but I buy Atlas mechanics gloves. When new a needle can be picked off of a solid surface. As they wear the loose some of that ability.

Cons - cause hands to sweat
zero insulation factor
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Like stated by SeniorCitizen what you are doing while wearing the gloves is important. I use the cheapest (3 mil) nitrile gloves that I can get at Harbor Freight when cleaning the cat box. Maybe one glove out of 100 splits on me. I've tried using latex and other materials but only the nitrile is flexible enough to prevent splitting and/or conform to my hand. I do have to get the extra large size.

Pretty much all I wear gloves for is yard work (tight fitting leather) welding (loose fitting heavy leather welding gloves) and cleaning the cat box. Otherwise I just use soap and water after the job is over.
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A lot has to do with the thickness of the glove. If you are working with chemicals, then you are out of luck. They will eat through any of the nitril you buy.
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I bought large size blue nitrile gloves for not too much from Staples last year for a car touch up project. The gloves held up fairly well during my project and were about the best part of the whole project. Since then I have used the gloves for clean up projects around the house and have been satisfied with them. My hands are not real large but I have found that medium gloves tend to break easier. I think though it depends very much on the quality of the glove and how much they stretch.

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