Captain, We've Run Aground


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Captain, We've Run Aground

1,000 footer Paul E. Tegurtha ran aground whilst missing the turn to the aerial lift bridge. Someone will be going to the woodshed.

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Wasn't there a harbor pilot aboard?
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Wasn't there a harbor pilot aboard?
Yes.... he and the captain of the ship were doing lunch.
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Ten O'clock news just said they were trying to avoid a smaller ship. I find this very hard to believe.
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Having been on the Duluth Canal while that ship slid by 15' away was pretty impressive.

Not too good video on this news report: - WDIO Video

This one shows the missed turn on the Harbor Cam and I don't see any ships that were avoided!:

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Wasn't there a harbor pilot aboard?
Nope. Coast Guard to clear the area of small vessels? Nope. Escort tug to navigate the route? Nope. We don't need any of them anymore. It's all very routine. What could possible go wrong???...

Accuse the Governor! Fire a few key staff members!!! Do an internal investigation.

Blame the harbor commission! Cost cutting and down sizing!!! Begin multi level state and federal investigations. Repeat investigations several times costing the state tax payers multi millions of $$$!!!

Title all investigations: HARBOR GATE!!!...LOL!!!!....

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Still No Answer

Looks to me like they just pulled up to listen to some music and maybe a burger:

Today's paper said there was a small boat anchored but quickly moved so had no baring on the accident. Also said there was no mechanical problems found so it's just a mystery I guess. Lucky they were just 'stuck in the mud' and not on the rocks. Coast Guard checked it over and they were out of town a little after midnight, only costing them a few hours.

Greg, when you watch the video they didn't even begin to make the turn, just straight into Bayfront. Very odd to me.
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I know what happened it was Gilligan steering the boat. I can just hear the conversation now Gilligan: Skipper we should be back on the island anytime now. Skipper: Gilligan watch out where you are going and then a crash sound. Skipper: Gilligan you did it again(the Skipper grabs Gilligan's hat and taps him on the head with it. Fade out to the next scene).

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