Tricky situation with HVAC contractor


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Tricky situation with HVAC contractor

I didn't know where to post this. Its HVAC related, but its not that I am asking for DIY help.

I had the HVAC co. that installed my furnace out at the end of the last heating season to repair a condensate leak in my furnace. At the time it was under warranty. They replaced a part that they felt would cure the problem. That day I ran the furnace for a few hours after the replacement and the "leak" appeared to have been fixed.

However, since that day we have not run the furnace for months and the furnace labor warranty has since expired.

I am concerned that the condensate leak didn't appear that day it was fixed since it was warm outside when we were testing it. I fear the leak may still surface if its cold outside where condensation would form.

Anyway, what I am asking here is if the leak were to occur again.... do you feel that any labor involved in repairing it should still be covered under the expired warranty since they were initially out during the warranty period for this same issue?

How would you deal with the contractor if they refused to come back for free if the leak were to surface again?

Hope that makes sense and I would appreciate any advice you can lend.
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If the leak reoccurred within a few months into the next heating season, I would ask them to please finish the job they started in the spring. If they refuse, you have a choice. Go with them as you have felt comfortable with their service in the past, or seek out a new company and let the old one know that they lost you as an account.

Beyond the few months, stuff happens. Don't be a worry wart for nothing. The repair may well outlast the furnace.
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How they handle this will be a reflection on how they do business, but give them a chance. This is probably an issue you should have discussed with them when the work was first done and had it put in writing. There are many seasonal appliances that don't get used until next season, so IMO, the clock stops and restarts when the appliance goes back into use. But this is something they already know, and you hope they take the call, should one be necessary, without hesitation.

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I should mention, the labor warranty I am referring to is the one that comes with new equipment (not the service call)... it has since expired. There is a small print on their invoices that says the labor of a service call is warranted for a year. So perhaps that would include misdiagnosis of an original service call?? I don't know. I suppose I am being a worry wart but I just want to be prepared knowing my luck.
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that make me remember my split air-conditioner

i bought it in December of 2012
it had 1 year warranty

i made deal with the distributor

thgat i will not install the ac immediately
but after months
so i installed the unit in april 2014
the ac worked perfectly cooling heating
but there was a problem in the indoor unit PCB
which make it not works for long time
in October i contacted the distributor about the problem
so he said OK i will check the service center
after many calls he replied me
in January
take the pcb to them to fix it
when they checked it
they said its factory faulty and all the unit from same model had the same problem\
i asked them if it was factory faulty why u didnt draw all unit to fix it
they said its your problem!!!!!
and now the unit is out of warrant then you have to pay us 30 $
i refuse to fix it by money
so then i returne to distributor
i reminded him of our deal
he said ok
i will call them
after many day and many calls he said ok fix it free!!!

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