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I had seen that house before on another special. Pretty far out. I'll bet those cats have a blast.
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I haven't seen that house before but I actually have seen this very same idea before. I am not positive where actually maybe Family Handyman magazine or an old issue of Cat Fancy I used to subscribe too to get tips on cat health care. One of my cats I had was a real jumper and loved jumping up high so we couldn't find her. She probably would have loved something like this.
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I have built, on a couple of occasions, cat trees, all carpeted, with multiple levels, lounging platforms, etc. Do the cats use it, heck no. They scratch on the edge of the sofa until I throw a shoe at them. I usually wind up donating the trees to the humane society. At least the cats there, appreciate them. Good thing I didn't sink money into what this guy did.
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Actually Larry this isn't a bad idea at least according a cat behavior expert I saw on tv. It is good especially for as he calls them tree dwelling cats. He likes scratching posts too but says that double stick tape keeps the cats from scratching the furniture better. Basically there are two types of cats ground dwellers and the tree dwellers. For the tree dwellers this will definitely keep the cats away from the furniture most of the time and for the ground dwellers only double sided tape will really work. If a cat wants to scratch though they will no matter what you do.

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