This Is Why We Use GFCI's


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This Is Why We Use GFCI's

Enough said?
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Everybody holding their breath that the flip flops don't sink. Name:  BIG_THUMB.jpg
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I see you keep the wooden stake nearby in case the pool needs to be drained quickly.
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Who says they are using GFCI protection? It could just be the natural purging of the species. You can't legislate stupid.
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Yrs ago [before GFIs] I painted a lot of houses that had pools, most of which had a screen enclosure installed after the pool was finished. On most every job I'd see the workers extension cords go in/out of the pool water. I asked them once if they weren't worried about getting shocked, their answer - the extension cord is insulated, nothing to worry about. I guess they never had a cord get nicked or frayed
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Back in my Navy days when the Singapore yard birds came aboard to work they brought they're own electrical. They had fuse panels they ran from the dock that were nothing more than flat boards with terminals for fuse wire. They'd hang these over a rail not even four feet above a bilge that contained salt water. One bump they could have fell in. It made my skin crawl just to walk by.
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Looking at that power strip in pic #2, the plug appears like it's European rather than American style. If that's the case, we're looking at 220 volts!!!

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