Used small truck


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Used small truck

If you were looking to buy a smaller truck for just small hauling to the landfill or picking up oversize items, what would you get? I'm talking 10+ years old for cheap. Gotta have A/C of course, but engine and trans don't really matter except for reliability and longevity. I used to have a Dakota and it fit well interior wise. Poor quality product overall though. Seems like some of the small trucks are real cramped inside.
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s 10 is good... if a 6 cyl find low miles as the 4.3 fails after 170k. Find a 4 cyl if you can.. get extra cab...

Ford rangers are good too..
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My helper just bought an '89 Chevrolet Silverado with air for $500. With the engine running, there is absolutely no ripples in a can of water on the air cleaner. Tranny is tight. The only thing he had to do was buy an aftermarket rear window ($200). No, it ain't pretty, but it will haul what he tells it to haul. Talk about lucky!
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IMO when you are looking at an older vehicle you need to look at each one individually and not get stuck on getting a certain brand/make. I like ford trucks but I used to paint for one builder who always drove a ford and there is no way I would want to be the 2nd owner - he drove/worked them into the ground. He sent a helper to get 2 cubes of block and got mad when the boy only came back with 1 cube on that 1/2 ton truck.
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If you are not worried about whether it is made totally in America or not I hear the Toyota Tundra is a nice truck and fairly solidly built too. One thing some people are not aware of too is that some GM products are actually made in Toyota plants in the United States. Not a truck but I heard that the Chevrolet Impala is made by Toyota. They usually give a fairly quiet ride too as the doors are insulated better.
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Some of those mentioned (Silverado and Tundra) are full size. I'm more in the Ranger/Tacoma class I think. Unfortunately, since vehicle don't rust out here, they are pretty darn pricey even for old models.

I'm really just wondering about the engine and trans issues the various models may have had.
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I'd get either a Ford ranger or a Toyota Tundra. IMO the Tacoma's are too tight inside. I'm not at all a fan of GM products.
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I was going to mention the Dakota, but you didn't like yours. I had a 96 and 03 and I enjoyed it very much. I probably would still have my 03 if I didn't have the kids. I found the bed size to be great for the things that you had mentioned.
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Unfortunately, since vehicle don't rust out here, they are pretty darn pricey even for old models.
Not to start a rant, but I recall "cash for clunkers" took an awful lot of able bodied vehicles off the road and into the scrap heap. Dealers were forced to scrap the engines by adding sand or something and running them until they siezed. The owner of the transmission shop told me it destroyed the secondary market (and the majority of vehicles bought were foreign made). Thus a supply and demand problem now with older vehicles.
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Like Mike, I would recommend an S-10. It's what I have now as a daily driver/work truck. Mine's a '95 6 cyl 4.3L with manual transmission (I don't touch autos)

~154k miles on it and I don't see any issues, so I don't know what you're talking about there, Mike.

It had to have some money put into it to fix the transmission, but this was no fault of the vehicle, for it was found to have several homemade parts inside it. It was previously owned by a contractor who was upgrading to a bigger ride.

My truck before this was a beater F150 Ranger, I think a '91 or so. Manual of course. Blew the heads on it twice hauling too much... it's in automotive heaven now.

Also, I don't know how your area is, but it is always difficult to find used vehicles here with manual transmissions. The farmers, and people like me, buy them up and leave lots full of autos. I went to more than 5 dealers and came up with only 3 choices for ANY used pickup with a manual transmission. The S-10 was one of them.

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