New Cold Weather Rules from MN


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New Cold Weather Rules from MN

Just to start off the cold season, I just read the new cold weather rules for St. Paul, MN schools.

For cold weather, school will be cancelled if a 6:30 PM forecast for 6:00 AM the next day predicts
Cold-weather rules set for St. Paul schools
Posted by: Anthony Lonetree Updated: November 5, 2014 - 3:22 PM


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Brutally-cold temps forced St. Paul schools to close six days last year, and as another winter season approaches, the school district is making it easier for families to know when kids will be excused.

According to the "winter weather plan" released Wednesday, school will be cancelled if a 6:30 p.m. forecast for 6 a.m. the next day predicts:

* A wind chill of below -40F degrees.


* An air temperature of below -25F degrees.

As for the more traditional "snow days," the district plans to decide by 5 a.m. on a given day whether school will be cancelled that day due to heavy snow and-or icy conditions.

On days when school already has begun, and conditions appear to be worsening, the district says it will decide by 10 a.m. whether after-school activities will be cancelled.

In all cases, be it cold or snowy weather, families will be notified of the closings by phone, text and email.

One major exception to the rules: Athletics cancellations will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

That is just for the inner cities and the first and second tier suburbs may have different guidelines due to stiffer weather conditions and access problems.

Doesn't seem to be too bad. When I lived there, I walked about a mile to high school and you were a "sissy" if you wore a knit cap that went over the ears or if you zipped up the jacket all the way.

It was a good experience and made the -52F with wind bearable at a site 200 miles north when construction (2000 employees on the site) went on 24/7 during the cold.

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I grew up in michigan and don't remember ever having school cancelled for cold .... but that was a long time ago although a foot or more of snow overnight might allow us to stay home.

With all the idiots looking to sue at a drop of the hat, I suspect the school system has to be extra careful and err on the side of caution. I know locally they cancel school if any of the mountain/holler roads are icy.
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I remember standing out for the bus in seventh grade and it was -29 F, which is the coldest temperature I've ever seen. They close my daughter's school at much higher temperatures now and I'm sure it's the liability of having kids sitting out there waiting too long because a bus won't start.
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here I remember that if weather was worsening by 10 am they would make it a half day of school and cancel all extracorricular ativities (not sure about detention)

as for the buses, if the bus drivers cannot safely do their routes, it was cancelled or delayed until conditions improved and streets plowed/sanded.

many cities have the regulations set because its not easy for a driver to control a schoolbus in snow/slush as you would with a smaller car with tire chains, some people just dont know how to drive in winter weather as it is, and adds to the risk of an accident.
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With all the idiots looking to sue at a drop of the hat...
In the mid 1970s I worked at a facility that rented rooms for, just about anything. One year the state bar association rented three halls, each with a capacity of about 1,000 seated people at tables for bar examinations. I asked the man in charge if there were really that many positions for lawyers and his answer was that, "The lawyers would make the positions." He went on to say that next year they would be renting the largest space we had.

I remember an old saying, "A town that can barely support one lawyer can easily support two."

Oh, back on topic, during my days in public school in Seattle they NEVER closed the schools due to inclement weather. Even the few times that we had a foot or so of snow they waited until the snow melted to close the schools and as I recall that happened exactly once in a twelve year period. Nowadays Seattle schools close if there is even two inches of snow.

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