Why I sometimes don't sleep well at night...


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Why I sometimes don't sleep well at night...

Bathroom remodel, backs up to another bathroom that someone else remodeled. So I have to work with what I got and what was already there. Other bath had a shadow box built into the shower which interfered with plans. Also, previous shower had cut a rather large chunk taken out of the stud, so I did not want to further weaken by expanding the hole.

Then we have 6x6 tile laid straight in the lower portion, then glass and transition to a diamond pattern above. Have to pre-plan for all rough-ins to hit appropriately on a tiled wall that has not been tiled yet. Hope the higher math works out when I start laying the actual tile. Shower will have a handheld on slide bar with rain head out of ceiling.

Oh, and the original shower used rigid copper so I had to be exact on the marry to the house plumbing.

37 sweat joints - Tonight is the first leak test night.

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I know a good teacher in advanced math to refer you to!
I'm going through similar on a 48x30 garage we are building. Coordinating equipment is a bear. Finished walls today and called for a lift crane rental for trusses. No one had one. I saw one at our local hospital not being used, so I asked the rental company if I could take over their rental for a day. Turned out another contractor beat me by 5 minutes and drove it from the hospital on public roads to his jobsite. Man things are tight.
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The guy that did the other bath just plane did not know the finer details. If you look, the permabase cbu that he used, he put up backwards. He did not tape the seams between cbu as I can see through to the mortar. I also assume he didn't tape in the corners as it is already cracking out. I warned the homeowners about that. The drain installed on the other bath leaks as well. Tick Tock...only a matter of time before the homeowners ask me to fix those issues.... My waiting list of clients just keeps getting longer.
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Uhhhhh Am I getting the feeling you guys are complaining? Seriously? About too MUCH work?

You know it's always feast or famine.

I can't even get a call back, but 24 y/o stepson gets 3 in a week. Quits one with more pay and more hours because it's all about "upselling" customers, for another that seems more "suited". Guess when you don't have to pay bills every month you can afford to do that.

Who ever thought 56 was OTH? At least around here I guess.
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I would sleep well with you doing my shower.
I may need you to drive out here and redo mine.
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'scuse me mister.... you're missing some wood.

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I built the contraption on the ground, mounted it and made final connections. It made it easier, but still a lot of close solders that had me nervous. Was afraid that heating one elbow was going to melt the adjacent elbow that only had 1/4" of material between them.

'scuse me mister.... you're missing some wood.
Exactly! Which is why I did not want to remove any more. This is the first time I have run into a stud dead center located in a shower. Usually, the rough-ins are located between two studs.

Vic - I got room for you if you want to move back home. Yeah, I have a waiting list of work. Nothing wrong with that, other than I can't get to everyone a soon as they would like me too. Working alone has its perks as well as drawbacks. Speed is one of the downsides - I can only work so fast.

Larry - I reserved this math equation for myself. Sometimes it takes longer to explain the scenario to get a mathematical answer than it does to lay the tiles out on the garage floor and take your measurements. My mathematician has enough to deal with teaching teenagers all day long. I couldn't do it.

Brian, thanks for the kind words. I love creating things, but I have to complete it in my head before I start on any one aspect. Thus the layout of the rough-in done after the pre-planning of the tile placement. Everything needs to be balanced.

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