No Shave November


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No Shave November

My wife volunteered me for participation in a contest in her school with the male teachers to support prostate cancer. It is a no shave November such that I can not shave my face and a dollar a day is donated at the end of the contest. Tried my darn'dest to get out of it but the kids insisted that I stick it out. Right now, my face itches like there is a thousand crawling insects on it. Not sure I am going to last it through the month.
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I shave about once a week...and sometimes less. I look a little scruffy...but not homeless scruffy. Slow whisker genes I guess?
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czizzi, just rub your stubble with your normal aftershave and it will quiet the itching.

One shave in thirty years and twenty since it.

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How much did Gillette pay to sponsor the month long dedication?

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I shave about once every four or five days since giving up women and leaving the house. Like Vic, I have a slow-growing beard and can get away with it. The few times I have gone more than a week I get so tired of getting poked by the bristles I scrape it all off.

Now my rant. What IS it that makes such jerks out of so many men that they think they look better with scraggly beards? This "3-day growth" (more like a week's worth for me) looks absolutely stupid to me. It makes me think they don't care the least about their appearance.

And do women REALLY find this attractive? Back when I was married my wife would complain if I went three days (remember, slow growth) without shaving. She complained that it irritated her skin so much she didn't even want me to get near her.
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I'm doing the no shave november thing but my beard is curly, so even when it's "scruffy" it looks kinda funny.. GOtta try one of those beard straighteners
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I only tried to grow a beard once, realized that it was not meant to be for this guy. I looked like an idiot as it never got full and turned me into a bit of a goober (for lack of a better phrase). By goober, I guess I mean like the people Furd refers too - unkept, dirty looking, and if I had an evil look in my eye, someone that you would hide your kids from.

Anyway, it was back in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel came through. No power for 2 weeks, so I just let it go figuring it was a good excuse to give it a try. My brother took the one picture of me that exists during the "experiment" which I fully believe he will use to blackmail me with someday.

I just remember how skinny my face looked when I finally shaved it off.
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So every month is November I used to shave my neck but I got lazy about 25-30 yrs ago and quit. It's been close to 40 yrs since I've had a clean shaven face .... besides with my ugly mug - I need all the help I can get

Now that my beard is white and I weigh a little more than I should, I get lots of smiles and waves from little kids when I'm out and about this time of year
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I wore a beard off and on for maybe 20 years, then continuously for the past 20. Starting loosing the hair on my head at about age 20, and have been completely bald on top for probably close to 20 years now. No premature shaving it like some of these young guys today, just plain bald, but my beard has always been full, so will probably keep it as long as it stays this way. I agree though in not liking those scraggly ones, and would take mine off in a minute if it started to get bare spots or I couldn't keep it neatly trimmed.
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I grow a beard pretty much every winter and have started using the Movember promotion as the start - I shave on Halloween and then I'm done till I decide to start shaving again in the spring.
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Looks like you're going to need all the insulation you can get this winter.
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Some women seem to dig the facial hair. My wife "won't let me" shave mine off. Not that I want to. It's fairly low maintenance. I can get away with shaving every other day and not look unkept. I trim it once a week as well.
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After being a good boy and putting up with the scrag on my face, the month is finally over and my wife can make her donation to the cancer society. Amen on that ..... However, she as also requested that I KEEP IT!!! Apparently- she likes it Teased to a relative that it felt like she was cheating with another man I was also out voted by my 2 daughters (14 and 17) as they also said I should keep it. Some reference to "the most interesting man in the world" ...Stay thirsty my friends....

My 17 yr old was concerned that if I shaved my head again (it was clean shaven before), I would look too much like Walter White from Breaking Bad. We had to explain to her the difference from a beard, goatee, and just a goat (chin only). Anyway, seems I opened up a can of worms....
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I've been growing the beard all month. White and a little brown (very little). Started out, no one liked it, now I might keep it. I feel like I have the wisdom to give Vic advice

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