No can opener? No problem.


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No can opener? No problem.

I saw this video through a Facebook feed and thought it was an interesting trick. They are a couple of Russians and are a bit hard to understand with their accent but they have a neat idea I might need this myself sometime our can opener is getting harder to use every day
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This guy has several videos on YOU-TUBE. Hilarious. Check out his other videos for some great laughs.
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He also has some compilations. I really amazed my wife with the cup cake trick.
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I saw a few other videos but didn't have the time to look them over at the time. I thought this was hilarious too especially when he said the cat at least wouldn't starve . I will have to check the other ones out too!
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Hah! "And the cat will survive too."

They are looking at some nasty slices by squeezing the top off. Just turn it upside down and tap it out onto a plate and eat like a gentleman.

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