Need some advice Elections for a volunteer group


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Need some advice Elections for a volunteer group

I 'm the vice president a county volunteer group of about 400 and I sit on the ( board ) the leadership of that group, we have upcoming elections and for the first time they have opened it up to let the membership vote rather than just the leadership board vote for the top 3 positions ( Pres, VP Sec ) . For years the President has stacked the deck in his favor, his friends on the board, and this year would be the first time to try and make a move to get him out and make some changes that are needed.

Currently, only the board votes ( just 7 members vote ) for the top spots, well President, VP and secretary , there is only one lady running for secretary, so no contest, but I want to run for president, as well as the current pres. and 1 other person has said they want to run.

what I need are ideas or some guidelines on how you should conduct an election like this, right now, since the rule change that opened up the election to everyone, the President has proposed that people will have to come to a central place and vote in a 2 hour window during the actual meeting when the board would have voted. thats not fair for anyone who works and sounds rigged..... to limit a short time someone can vote. I proposed email , almost 90 % of our members have an e-mail address on file the remaining 10 % either did not provide one or do not want to be on the mailing lists.

The non partisan county adviser to the program, said it should be anonymous, my question is how can someone reply to a mass e-mail with your choices and it remain anon ??

the group consists of mainly retirees, most are computer illiterate, I thought a simple e-mail listing the candidates, and asking them to reply with one name would be the easiest way.....we don't have much time to put together a poll or anything like that, we have no forum, a very elementary website, and again very computer illiterate members who will be doing voting.

open to any thought or suggestions
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I would think casting votes at a central meeting place [club house?] would be the best bet but it should be for an entire day [like the gov't polls] with an allowance for absentee ballots for those members who can't make it to the voting place.
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I am a member of a non-profit sportsman's club. We hold our annual elections at our December meeting in the clubhouse at 7 pm. That way the majority of people who are interested can make it. They tell me that years ago they tried having a half day window, but only had a couple people show up to vote prior to the meeting.

I can't imagine that an internet election would work very well. Who's to say who is sending that response? And it's not a secret ballot then.
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First, you will have to modify your bylaws to allow voting on certain spots by the general membership, if it is different, now. Of course it could require a quorum to make such changes. Voting should be by ballot and not by email due to security. Later on, if the majority voted on it, there could be a system set up for online voting, but it may be more expensive to set up the security than it would holding a ballot system.

Our Gun club holds elections similar to what Bruce says. If you don't attend the meeting and if you don't get a ballot, then you don't vote. Prompts more people to attend the important meetings.
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Does Roberts Rules of Order cover something like this? I haven't looked at it in a long time, but its the standard for official procedures.
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we are supposed to be following Roberts Rule, but the President has in the past, done what ever he wanted, thus the proposed short time to vote, means less opposition...we have a meeting next month to change the bi-laws to accommodate elections vis general membership, that's why I asking

one question, if you vote by mail, who's to same you can't vote more than once ?? we are a zero budget all volunteer organization, no money to send out SASE or anything like that, if we just ask the members to list names on a piece of paper and send it in, do we have to toss out anyone who puts a return address on the envelope , in the spirit of keeping it anonymous ??

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