In the Xmas Spirit


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In the Xmas Spirit

In this season of Good Tidings and Joy lets take stock of the little things in life that make this time of year special. Like gift giving and the stress that goes with it. The weather with all it's glory of pretty snow flakes, piling up from inches to feet to God I wish it would stop. The little things that get under our skin. Those small irritants that grow until BOOM! We hit the ceiling. Or when we grind our teeth at our fellow human beings for stupidity they exhibit and the common sense that we have but they never will.

Oh! The list you ask? Lets get started.


Most roads have a right half and left half. Please don't take your half out of the middle. Move over for cry'n out loud.

Turn signals, learn how and when to use them. PLEASE!!!

Speed limits are there for a reason. USE THEM. Stop doing 35 in a 50.

Parking...what can I say? You park like am **s hole. If you can't park it, don't drive it.


Stop being surly and do your damn job. I'm paying your wage. And I'm sorry that I don't know everything about a product, that's why I'm asking you.

Please don't ignore me Big Blue, Big Orange, MegaMart. (See first item)
Learn to count change, if you can't why are you operating a cash register?

I don't know your store, please show me where your products are, don't just point.

I know you're tired, but I work too. Try to be polite and cheerful. I'll act better towards you.

You're cell phone call is important to you, not me, please let the others behind you get there items cashed out while you talk about whatever.

No I cannot make change after my draw is closed, please don't get mad, it's company policy not mine.

You forgot to buy something in the middle of cashing out. Stop everything while you look for it and I can't process any other customers. Thanks!

You go through the check out and THEN you realize you left your purse or wallet in the car. See above!

You go to a store with the specific idea to buy a large item that will just barely fit in your car. But you fail to clean out the car before hand. Or it just doesn't fit no matter what. Then you expect us to do something about it. Duh!

That item that you want at an advertised price rings up at more because you are looking at last weeks flier. No I can't make an exception. Don't ask. Learn to read.

Yes, we will price match any IDENTICAL item from a competitor, but please look up the word IDENTICAL. Close is not identical.

Please curb your kids, we are not a day care. Hell, I don't even like kids.

Ladies, excuse me if I call you Ma'am and you don't like it. I'm not a mind reader and the term is a common greeting to female shoppers.

Yes, on many occasion we run out of stock, it happens. We will try to make amends with a rain check or locate item at another store, but don't blame us because everybody wants the same item you want.

And last but not least, you can yell and belittle us all you want, but rest assured we look at you as total asses and laugh about it as you walk out the door. And we do remember who you are.

Home improvement or repair projects

Guys, sending your spouse out to buy a plumbing or electrical repair part will only double the repair time and increase your frustration levels.

Ladies, you're not immune, don't send me out to buy your cooking ingredients. Cinnamon, salt, pepper, thyme, it's all the same to me.

Plumbing repairs will require at minimum 3 trips to the store no matter how many supplies you have at home. And if it's a Sunday the last trip will prove the store to be closed by the time you get there.

If it's an electrical repair, you will blow a fuse or trip the breaker no matter how careful you are. And in case of fuses, you will be out of that size. And you will cheat by using a larger size just to fix the problem. Then your donation to the volunteer fire dept will double over the next year.

The time and money spent will be inversely proportional to the simplicity of the problem.

Bah Humbug!

Can you add to the list?

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all.

BTW...this is meant as tongue in cheek.

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I see nothing TnC about it. It is spot on.
I made up one for my Facebook friends yesterday. I get so irritated at young people nowadays. They have no respect. Goes something like this:

Proper etiquette

Ladies, when you go to meet your boyfriends parents for the first time, wear a discreet top/shirt. His mother has two and doesn’t care to see yours hanging out.

Gentlemen, when you go to your girlfriend’s parent’s house for the first time, wear sedate clothing. Wear a long sleeved shirt in August if you must in order to hide those stupid tattoos you just couldn’t pass up. Her dad has a small one from when he was in the Marines that will trump your “hello kitty” tattoos, every time.

Both of you. If you have face piercings, for crying out loud, try getting them removed before you meet the parents. No one wants to see a former Marine choke on his mashed potatoes.

Ladies, be patient and let him open doors for you. Gentlemen, open the doors or you may drive off with her standing on the passenger side of the car still waiting patiently.

Gentlemen it is your responsibility to pay the dinner tab. Don’t forget to tip appropriately. Your servers work hard for their money. Ladies, no matter what your curiosity is, you don’t need to know how much it cost, so keep your hands off the check.

If you get into a skirmish while dining out, gentlemen, keep quiet. You can’t win anyway, and will only escalate things if you open your dumb mouth. She will always be right, even if she says the sky is orange and green striped. It’s just a fact of life.

Don’t brag on your car to her dad. Your little rice burner only has a loud muffler. His had a 427 with 2-4 barrels, full racing cam and a 4 speed turbo hydromatic transmission. And he probably built it himself.

Don’t use foul language or anachronisms of today’s loose English in front of his/her parents. It will only show them just how goofy you really are.

Be polite. A “yes ma’am” or “yes sir” will show respect, and may get you a second piece of chocolate pie !
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Learn to count change, if you can't why are you operating a cash register?
Unfortunately this is a biggie today. You need to announce to the clerk you have change or the whole transaction risks an implosion.
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Since I'm a head cashier among other positions I face this situation all the time. I'll usually wait a few seconds to complete the final cash register sale waiting for the customer to tell me if he has change. If he does not and then offers after I complete the transaction I tell them too late. Tough luck.

PS... Most of what I posted does not happen to me at our particular store. I swear, I've got the greatest customers around. Very seldom do we run into a problem. I've gotten to know most of our customers, if not be name then by site.
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That's my point. The cash register doesn't care if or when the customer offers change. You should be able to make that count in your head without the cash register.

(not you in particular Norm)
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make that count in your head without the cash register.

(not you in particular Norm)
Actually, it is me in particular. I'm good at it but not quick. (The gals are better at this than I am.) The main problem in our store is that the cashier has many other duties at the same time as cashing that most other store cashiers may not have (convenience store cashiers may face the same problems). We must greet new customers as they walk in. We must maintain only three people in our line and call for another cashier as we continue to cash out. We also must direct new customers to product or provide help or get help via the PA system. It's also encouraged to engage the customer in friendly conversation. All while continuing to cash out people. In my position I also must process refunds if the manger is unavailable. It's not as bad as it sounds but sometimes it gets hairy. That's why I kind of make it a "too late" call after completing transaction. All in all I rather be on the floor where I actually help customer solve problems.

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