Having multiple contractors out at the same time?


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Having multiple contractors out at the same time?

Currently, I stagger my schedule of when to have contractors out at my house for estimates. For example, if I need an electrician, I can see if I can have one come out at 10am, another at 12:30pm, etc. Quite honestly, its getting old and I am tired of wasting my day away and repeating myself. Is it bad if I line up a few like-contractors and have them out at the same time?
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If they are of the same trade, it is not really a good idea, IMO. It would be easy if you were teaching a class and they all arrived at the same time, but invariably even 15 minutes is an eternity when you are waiting on someone. You can make the process simpler if you have a proposed work list prepared ahead of time, then all you would have to do is let them see the work area and form their estimates based on what they saw and your itemized list. They may have code issues to bring up, but that is their job.

In addition, each will have their own set of questions, so having 3 or 4 electricians, for example, trying to get you to personalize your answers to them may be problematic with a group. I would stick to a schedule of appointments.
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A work list (all the same) to each contractor will give you the estimators all the same all the same facts to work from so you can compare.
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Agree. Don't do it. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to quote a job with your direct competition next to you? Besides, one on one with each contractor may reveal things that you would not get otherwise. Each contractor will approach a job differently. I've had this happen on several occasions. Contractors have shown me things that they would not have thought of or said in front of their competition.
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While I'd deal with it, I'd be a little miffed if I showed up to bid a job and another painting contractor was there to also submit a bid. I've always looked at the one on one time with a potential customer as being part of the bidding process along with the chance to explain what all will be done and why my higher priced bid may in fact be cheaper in the long run.

As the others have said, deal with one contractor at a time. You'll be better able to evaluate which one should be hired.
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I agree 100 % with all the other reply's, other then saving you time I just do not see this ending up in your favor.
Unless you have some one on one time with each one it's hard to even get a since of how honest and easy to deal with there going to be.
It can just become a battle of the wits and competition for your attention.
How do you even keep straight who said what?
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I will give you my opinion as a landlord and I have to agree with the others about an estimate I have had people say they want to come over one day for an estimate to get work done and then they say I have to make it the next day. If the next day is going to be an hour earlier or an hour later than the other contractor then I just tell them to make it the next day so I can concentrate on one contractor at a time. That shouldn't be your only consideration though consider how the contractors work when in your house your electrician may not appreciate having the plumber in his way while he is wiring a plug.
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It would be in extremely poor taste to have them there are the same time. I also think it would not benefit you either. They may start BSing you based on what the other guy said. You are also playing with your cards showing.
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Thanks guys! I figured it wouldnt be a good idea but thought I would ask. I already have a job list for each of them.

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