anyone with horses???


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anyone with horses???

Had to bring the horses up to the top field today. wife says kids cant be near horses. ( She is worry wort).

Horses are old and you do need to be careful but I may get in big trouble for posting this... My son here said mums the word...

Wife is afraid of them and always has been. How could I change her????

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Gosh I dunno, Mike. If she feels that way at her age (assuming she's a mature woman) I can't think of how to change her. Is there any way to change a woman?

Maybe a small pony? I grew up around horses (Morgans and Arabians) and I got stepped on a few times...or butted to the side...but, I still like them. Just don't want to raise any.
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If she wants to learn, so she's a competent participant around the place.... She could start by feeding a carrot or apple to one horse you are holding (she's on the outside of a safe fence) every day till she's ready for you to let go of the horse and she's comfortable if you just stand by. Can't move on till she freely assents. Baby steps.

Then add a different horse you're holding, followed by the one she's happy with, daily till she's comfortable with horse #2 also, etc. This one won't take as long. Hopefully by now if one of the horses wants to crowd in she will push it aside without even thinking till it is its turn. Now she's getting comfortable with them, and will learn even faster. When she is ready, add horse #3. Always at her speed.

When she feels at ease with each of them she can begin feeding them in their stalls or grooming one at a time, with you showing her how till she tells you to go away. This will take time and patience from both of you for maybe a month overall. Patient daily repetition.

Patience, patience, patience.

What you're working toward is for her to be able to do your most important daily horse chores (you can come up with one) if you're called out of town for a couple days. She may never want to do their total care, but she's no longer afraid around them.

I'm assuming the horses don't bite or kick habitually, and she always wears good stout footwear around them.

This is how I would teach someone to be comfortable around a dog. I've never done it with a horse, so if I'm full of baloney, just file this is your round file.
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Marynurse has very sound advice

It will depend on the horse(s) and kid(s). You need to be calm and always watch what the horses are doing at all times. Looks to me like the horses are quite mellow. We have horses and have no issues with kids near them, but only if there is an adult with them. Just like anything else, good training for everybody goes a long way.

BTW - I like your setup! I always thought you lived in the city.

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I have never owned a horse but I have been around them on and off. I have a suggestion though that might make your wife want to be around horses. Basically I think you need to appeal to her pride look for a place that rents horses and gives lessons for horse shows. Of course horse shows can be dangerous so any school you contact should teach people in how to safely fall off of a horse. I think though if she enjoys it and gets to meet other people who want to learn more about horses then it may just come natural to her but it can't be forced it has to come naturally to your wife.
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I kind of agree with Vic; a long standing fear that persists into adulthood may be a tough nut to crack. Our daughter was always comfortable around horses, but she was around them her entire life up to age 10 (she's 11 months in the pic):

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