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What's that quote about insanity being doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Had to do timing belt job on daughter's car right after Christmas:

So what do I do yesterday? Got a call asking if I was interested in buying a "junk" car. Price allowed for towing to recycler and I could make a hundred bucks or so. But wait! It's a '97 Camry and it's not sitting on blocks under a tarp in someone's driveway; no, it's on the side of road where it coasted to a stop the previous night because......the timing belt broke. Met them at roadside, exchanged $ for title and it now sits in my driveway. Already ordered the t-belt kit.

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glutton for punishment is one saying that comes to mind

At least this time it ought to go easier since you've have the previous one fresh in your memory
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If you don't learn from your mistakes, you are destined to repeat them. B. Franklin (or someone far smarter than me)
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Just hope they did not sit there turning the key trying to get it start after it broke and bent the push rods.
I watched a group of guys trying to change a timing belt in a motor home at a camp ground once for 2 days.
There kept leaving and coming back with another belt.
Come to find out they had never put a socket on the idler to swing it out to relieve the pressure on the belt and had been using a pry bar to try and get it on the sprocket.
Funny thing was there was a diagram in plan sight right on the hood right in front of them showing how to do it.
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No pushrods, OHC and non-interference engine just like the Corolla. Timing belts are like riding a bicycle, Mark.

At least this one I can do at my leisure AND the parts won't cost as much. On the Corolla I was pretty much stuck with what I could get on the weekend [at retail; I get big discount with CarQuest, but they didn't stock the parts; got them from Advance, but the Advance/CarQuest buyout hasn't merged the customer databases yet] as daughter was leaving Tuesday to drive back home cross-state. Can't get a PO from a motor club for the tow, though.....

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