A mystery what are these?


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A mystery what are these?

Name:  Old Coin.jpg
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Size:  19.1 KB Name:  Old Coin2.jpg
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Size:  22.0 KB Does anybody know what these are? My friend on Facebook posted these pictures and I said I would ask here. You guys were great when I wanted to know about an old diner in West Virginia several years ago and I know you like a mystery so I thought I would try here. Thank you for your help!
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Have you tried a Google image search? Look like some sort of lodge medallions and pins or buttons to me.

Way back in the day they had many types of local money, so the first ones could be coins of some sort. They could also be coins from a lodge or group that showed membership. Really hard to tell.

I'd have to suggest he take them to or email an coin dealer as the first step.
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The top 2 look very old and valuable. The letters on the vertical pair remind me of ancient Hebrew or Philistine or Aramaic.

The lower looks like something from the civil war.
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My friend kind of thinks one might be an old Roman coin and the other maybe a Masonic lodge medallion but I kind of don't think so as my grandmother was a Mason for a while until her last husband died. Also with all Mason things I have ever seen including just a few my grandmother had always had a G in the center. I tried Google but I couldn't find anything and a friend of my friend did a Google search but couldn't find anything. Interesting mystery though and one that may never be solved but if anyone may know I think my friends here could possibly know.

My friend isn't a member here but I gave my friend a link to the discussion so that my friend could look in on it. Thanks guys!

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