understanding gas prices


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understanding gas prices

Normally our region has lower gas prices than elsewhere but for some reason we were real slow to get sub $2 a gallon gasoline. I got to fill my jeep up twice at less than $2 per gallon, once at $1.99 and then about 10 days ago at $1.84. Tuesday I filled up again at $2.19 per gallon, went out yesterday and the same gas station had dropped the price to $2.05 ????

I'm certainly not complaining since $3+ gas wasn't that long ago but it doesn't make sense for gas to jump 35 in a little over a week and then drop 14 over night.

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Out here in Arizona, the lowest it got was $1.63 per gallon which was awesome because I have a jeep wrangler as well so I was able to take her on a road trip to Washington State. Its now up in the early 2s though. As long as it won't go over 3 again, I won't complain as much. I remember it was a struggle a couple years back when i was in California and gas had gone close to 6 a gallon in some places
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It's not possible to "understand" gas prices these days. Too much profiteering, gouging & speculation dictating the price at the pump--no real correlation to the economy or actual costs.
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My oldest son is a truck driver and I think he said it was out in the midwest he saw signs for $1.50 per gallon several weeks ago. I don't know why it didn't get as low as elsewhere around here. Used to be the pump price was tied to the price paid for the last shipment of gas but as quick as it goes up/down I guess that is no longer the case.
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The price of gas is tied to supply and demand of gasoline. Supply and demand of crude oil. And the strength of the dollar.
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Partially greed - usually the producers/distributors and partially competition or a lack thereof depending on the location of stations.

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