Auto save and log in issues


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Lightbulb Auto save and log in issues

A brief little tutorial on the DIY auto save system. The "auto save" saves your text every fifteen seconds. If you are in the process of typing a long reply and you get knocked off line or accidentally leave the page you can come back to the same thread go to the reply box. At the bottom of the box in the left corner you'll see "restore auto-saved content".... click on that and your post will be restored. This will stay stored indefinitely until you type a new reply.

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I was talking with a member that has a problem with the board logging him out if he leaves the page unattended for 10-15 minutes. If you are having that problem also..... please post here so that we can determine what the problem is.
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Only used this a couple of times now that I know about it. The last few times, I went to check someones profile for some reason and lost a long post. However, logic stuck its head in and I figured out what that ghost auto save was and now it is not an issue. Everybody has to learn the hard way but thanks for putting the news out there for those eager to learn.
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Pete, thanks for posting this advice, I'll test it next chance I get.

Yes, I am the member Pete is referring to. I left the reply unfinished and when I came back I was prompted to to login again. Once I logged in everything was lost. I'll keep an eye on it.

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I haven't had a problem with auto save and it works better here than at any other forum I have been using. I did have a time out though after a fairly long reply but everything was still there as it was supposed to. It used to be a problem here but after upgrades it hasn't been a problem. Perhaps it might have something to do with a persons ISP causing problems. I have problems with my provider at times losing connections to some websites.

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