rest and retirement


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rest and retirement

I guess those 2 words don't go together. Had to make a long trip out of town for a funeral and got back last night expecting to lay around and rest today [I don't travel as well as I did when I was younger] BUT my stepson calls and says 'my jeep is making a terrible noise and I'm scared to drive it' The front brakes are into the rotor mama says I have to replace the back brakes too since he still has his tax refund money [they are probably good for 5-10k more miles] .... and he's past due for an oil change

So much for resting/relaxing today
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Since retiring I've found my favorite day of the week is tomorrow.
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Granted, I don't work as hard as I used to and for the most part there aren't any deadlines but I don't normally get paid for the work I do either Sure doesn't seem to be much time for doing whatever I want

This brake job seems to be kicking my butt too, between being old/slow and aftermarket parts that have to be modified - I haven't finished yet
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I like the no dead line for most things, 1st time around got bored after a few months but older now and enjoy not punching a clock.
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I have been a "retired" engineer for about 15 years except for a "short" stint when I went to SBA (Small Business Administration) class in Atlanta for "disaster recovery" in January of 2006 and came home about 4 months later after moving between Atlanta (for the class), New Orleans (2 weeks), back to Atlanta for more training (1 week) and then to Gulfport, Mississippi to do damage assessment after Katrina for the purpose of determining the physical loss. One thing that stuck in my mind was the requirement to always have my badge and wear both my shirt and cap, so I would not be confused with FEMA (disaster relief). It was 10-12 hour days 5 to 7 days a week. - I got home about 4 months after I left and I had to request to be let go. I did a couple of other shorter assignments later, but none were as enjoyable.

I also did some work when I lived in Virginia Beach and commuted to the NJ/PA area weekly - leave at 4:30 AM and then drive to NJ/PA to work and then return to Virginia Beach by leaving at about 3:30 PM.

I like the comment about tomorrow being the best day of the work.

I keep looking for some got spot work that I can handle. - That would be a vacation for me.

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I just can't seem to let go. Granted, I, too, don't do the physical work that I used to do, and dissolving the company will put 3 guys out to pasture and I don't want to do that. They tell me as long as I keep them in jobs and show up on Friday (payday), they will do the work. I am there all day, every day, but they won't let me help too much.

They way I figure it, I can "rest" when I'm dead.
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I am there all day, every day, but they won't let me help too much.
The main reason I had to retire is I was there everyday but didn't do much .... and good employees are so hard to find The ones that showed up everyday and worked hard didn't have a clue and most of the good painters I was able to hire either didn't show up everyday or were lazy I still enjoy working but I'm no longer very efficient

Can't believe I spent 2 days doing a 1/2 day job on my stepson's jeep

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