Reading the fine print


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Reading the fine print

What a laugh. How can companies be so stupid as to print all kinds of important information about their products in print so small I may have to invest in a microscope to see. The latest in my long list is a tube of (top brand) Silicone Glue. I was curious as to how it differed from pure silicone caulking I have often used to glue items together.

Now, I do have glasses, but don't need them for most activities. They help with reading and the wife says I look more distinguished. So with my glasses, my inherited 4" magnifying glass, and a bright daylight reading lamp I tried to read the label on that glue and basically failed. I got some of it, but the frustration quickly exceeded my curiosity and that company will be getting an email from me, not that it will do any good.

But medical products, safety issues, and more, we (I) need the instructions printed so they can be read with normal eyesight. Or, given that the vast majority of us have internet access, at least a direct address to show what needs to be read. The one they provided which took time to figure out was just a where you have to search for what they want you to read. Why does that seem backwards, we have to go looking for what they want us to read.

Note, I didn't touch on the rest of the population with less than normal vision. For them the fine print has to be a slap in the face.

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I wonder if they don't want us to know but need to meet legal obligation. I saw something on my 48" TV awhile back that made me curious. Since I couldn't make out the fine print, I enlarged the picture and the letters were now big enough but so blurry I still couldn't tell what it said

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