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The Government Way

Over two weeks ago I E-ordered a refill on my daily aspirin prescribed by my doctor. Usually I get my prescriptions in 3-4 day so after a week I checked tracking on line and it showed it had been shipped but it took five days to process.

More then two weeks and I figured lost in the mail or one of my neighbors got disappointed instead of high when he stole it from my mailbox. So now I check the VA site again and there is no longer a tracking button for the order.

30 minutes of robots and finally find a way to get on hold for a live person. Then miracles of miracles ten minutes later a live person. Turns out aspirin is on back order from the manufacturer and it will be sent when they get it in. This is huge major VA hospital in a large city. How do they run out of aspirin? What do they do if one of the thousand in-patients needs an aspirin?
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I have to ask Ray, it's just aspirin? Probably the 1/2 dose like baby aspirin? The generic stuff is so cheap, why go through the hassle? I mean yeah, I use the mail order pharmacy program for most things ($55 vs free generics), but mine is through my retirement benefits not VA. Do you have the Express Scripts (I think thats the name) option?
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Off topic slightly Just finished preliminary taxes and there was a clicker for a PIN number. I thought it was the Efile pin. Turned out to be an identity theft PIN for those who had been hacked. I called the number since I couldn't remember last year's PIN. The recording said it would be 180 days before a PIN could be issued. What?? Luckily I didn't need it, but what about those who need it before April 15.
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Actually because of the stroke it is full strength once a day. Hasn't been a hassle till now. I already bought aspirin so not a big deal. I have other prescriptions so it is just easier since it is prescribed. Also it leaves a record that I am getting the prescribed medicine.
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on a slightly related note

Yesterday my son got an email on his work account from a VA hearing aid supplier stating my father's hearing aid battery order was being shipped. My father passed away almost 4 yrs ago! My son has no idea how they got his email address as that one is only used for the store's customers.

I forwarded the email to the VA's fraud hotline and got an automated reply. Basically it said they didn't have time for personal complaints and I should visit their fraud hotline web page [where I got the email address to forward the info to] They did say they would check into in about 6 weeks and IF they found my complaint to be valid they would contact me.

ain't our government efficient
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Here is another slightly off topic response.

I buy a lot of junk via mail order. Here is the tracking (by USPS) on one:

March 20, 2015 , 8:17 am
Arrived at Post Office

March 20, 2015 , 12:55 am
Departed USPS Facility

March 20, 2015 , 12:27 am
Arrived at USPS Facility

March 19, 2015 , 3:54 am
Departed USPS Origin Facility

March 18, 2015 , 1:12 am
Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

Notice how the package arrived at the USPS sorting facility in Federal Way (a city about 30 miles south of Seattle) on March 20 at 12:27 AM and THEN departed from the USPS facility in Jacksonville 27 minutes later!

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