E-bay or Amazon? Which is best to sell on?


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E-bay or Amazon? Which is best to sell on?

I have quite a few things to sell laptops, cameras etc. none of which I will mention here in any detail at all as I don't want to go against the rules and besides that this is not the best forum for selling anyway. I have sold a few things on e-bay so I kind of understand all of the ins and outs of e-bay.

I have noticed though that some laptops sell for a higher price on e-bay and some a higher price on Amazon.com. I have only looked a little into fees on Amazon.com and they are not too bad but what I would like to know is if anyone has first hand experience selling on Amazon.com? What did you like or dislike about it? Thank you for your help!
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Why not use Craigs List?
It's free and you'll be dealing with local people so no shipping involved.
I've sold hundreds of items there.
Just sold a boat that Buc Net said it was worth $1500.00 for $2700.00 cash.
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I agree...Craigs List unless it's some high end stuff. And of course you need to do some research on how to sell there.

Ebay has gotten pretty expensive for the seller. Used to be a good deal, not so much anymore. For the seller I mean...that's why some prices have gone up there.
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eBay is a little pricier but it is far reaching and I have sold everything I put on it. You do have the shipping to contend with that is less of a concern on Craigs List. I use Craigs List when the items are impractical to ship.
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Craigs List I guess is o.k. but I have heard some bad things about it. For big items maybe but for little things like a laptop or camera I would rather ship it than have people coming and going. I am not going to do major selling all of the time but enough that it could cause problems. More kind of like a hobby business until I see how well I do and then I may expand it. I have bought a few things at auction and I have a good deal of old auto repair manuals some my fathers and some a friend gave me so I have a variety of things some of it unknown as to whether it works or needs repair.

Spring though is a good time to start and see what I can get for my things. I thank you for your help if you have some other suggestions of places to sell from please let me know.
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With either ebay or amazon it is important to maintain a 100% positive feedback and to get your transaction count up to where you look like a well established dealer. To that end, while you are starting slow you can take your time to smooth out the process, handle the occasional complaint, and keep everyone happy. You will also want to sell items where there is little chance that the buyers will reject them, hard to predict.

As for one vs the other I have heard what the same as GG and PJ mentioned, the ebay has raised their prices, but it is important to get started to see what products fit either one the best. Can't help there as I'm just starting the process as well.

With the thought of making this into a business, don't try to sell everything you find laying around just because you want to get rid of it. Make good choices and keep the buyers happy.

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For your kind of items I would use Craig's list. What I do is post the item with a standard note indicating that interested parties must e-mail me with a phone number. Then I will e-mail back or call and agree upon a nearby public place to make the sale. I will only supply my mobil phone number if a sale is agreed upon. I will never make the sale at my home. This technique has proven very successful for me.
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I've never used Amazon to sell things, but I think one large difference is, you can allow people to bid or you can use the "buy it now" to sell on Ebay, while Amazon there is no bidding.
The thing I like about Ebay is, when I let people bid, I always get more than I was willing to sell it for because people like to get into the bidding wars.
I've also sold large things on Craigslist, and what I find there, is that people that buy on there are cheap, lol! I always end up selling it for less than I wanted.
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I was also thinking the same thing Becky about people wanting things cheap on Craigslist but I might sell a vhs tape holder something like a bookcase. I also have a few other things that are big and I don't want to even think about shipping it so Craigslist might be good for those items and a few other items I don't want to ship. For those who have never sold on e-bay or want more information on how to sell there is a book called e-bay for Dummies by Marsha Collier I highly recommend.

Also for those who want to sell on Amazon.com here is their web page for that How to make money on Amazon . I think it will be a combination of e-bay, Amazon.com and Craigslist that I will sell on. All of your suggestions have been very helpful I thank you very much!

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