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Another TOH thread

Has anyone noticed that for the last several seasons the houses featured on TOH have been given really expensive makeovers? I mean projects that must exceed $100,000 in costs. Their last project, if in the greater Seattle area would probably be closer to a quarter of a million dollars if not more. What "average" homeowner can relate to these remodels?

It used to be that TOH was a program that showed a relative average homeowner with a relatively modest home getting a relatively modest rehab on one part of their home or maybe a relatively modest addition to an older home. Now it is larger homes on huge lots, often next to a river or with a spectacular view that gets a complete makeover.

How many of us could even afford to buy/own the original house let alone pay the freight in the massive remodel? Why don't they ever mention the costs of these projects or even the materials used in the projects?

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TOH has become more of a product showcase and a design show then the nuts and bolts of home remodeling. I think the average homeowner can just get ideas on things to do.
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Furd, most of their renovations are probably closer to $1,000,000. It's been that way since the 90s. What you really have witnessed is the progression of a business over time. They are now able to attract clients that have more money to spend. It's really the natural evolution of a company that does good work.

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