67 Blazer memories


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67 Blazer memories

I drove around in this 16 years old chasing tail and drinking beers..

I saw this today at my local staples store. I was shocked as in NJ you just dont see these anymore..

I had to stop and take pics...

I was waiting for the driver to come out as I wanted to talk to him... I almost was going to go in the store and find him and ask if I could have a ride...

How corny is that.. It actually made me sad as those times of my youth are gone and they were the best memories.. Seeing this joggled my mind..

4 wheeling.. Roll bar? Who needs one lol...
We did not even think about that stuff..

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There are car shows/meets here all the time with cars form the 70s back to Model A. Some of the guys might be reliving their youth & others are too young to relive it. One of the most colorful groups is the Cadillac Club. They are a bunch of Italian Americans who smoke fat 20 dollar cigars & stuff their faces. That's a show buy itself.
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Yes I know all the car shows... Its same old cars..

When was the last time you saw a 67 blazer at a car show?

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My mom used to own a 1965 Chevrolet Nova two door with bucket seats. For many years we had no air conditioning in it as my mom didn't want to add to the expense of having it installed. She also wanted it right away and didn't want to wait. For a small car of its time it had plenty of room inside not to mention the coolest hub caps around and could that car ever drive and turn a corner real quick. Later my dad installed an add on air conditioner and it kept the car very cool without any trouble with the engine. Finally it was sold to a painter who sadly didn't take care of it.
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LOL pulpo...

I went by the year on the taillights.. They said 67... Blazers started in 69 from my research.. Dont know why they are off. possibly pick up truck taillights from previous years.

Thats how I told car years apart as a kid..

Anyway maybe it was a 69 .. Heck it could be 70's. The differences were nil back then.. Marker lights and grill maybe were different..

Here is an original height model....


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I actually owned a '70 (maybe '71) 350 AT model back in the late 80's back in VA. Looked just like the one pictured except with a white top and white painted steel wheels with the small hubcaps. Semi-senile FIL was going to sell the engine for $100 so I told him I'd buy the whole thing for that. I think I had to put a battery and alternator in it but drove it for 2 yrs before it wouldn't pass inspection due to rusted out suspension mounts. (It was used as their NC beach vehicle before the old guy faded.) Sold it to a mechanic in the shop for $500. He was only going to use it on the family farm so no registration or inspection required. Maybe he was going to repair it and put it back on the road I dunno.

Boss at the go-go bar I worked at had one about the same vintage. Never put the top on but had a roll bar. He got just a bit crazy in it sometimes. Wheeler dealer with mob ties and some shady businesses. Of course he was killed in a drug/sex deal in FL 10-15 yrs later.

Never did take the top off of mine, figured I'd never get it to seal again.

Fun ride, esp in the rare snowstorms in VA.

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If I remember right, that is the same grille that my 1971 chevy truck [same color ] had but the marker lights look more like a 72.

I used to have 69 bronco, only took the top off once. That was to transport a fridge - never realized a steel top could be so heavy
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When I was sent as forced labor to Chicago during the winter of '93, I was in charge of transportation. United had vans, cars, bicycles and one K-5. Nobody wanted to drive the K-5. I took it as my personal get around vehicle. Hey, it snowed a foot every night, and this thing never whimpered. Not sure of the year, but it was much older than the rest of the fleet.
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Had a 71 Chevy Stepside with the same front end and tailights, pity i couldn't afford the gas for a 350 with a 4 barrel, drove an awful lot back then.

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