Alternative stores to Home Depot in San Diego County?


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Alternative stores to Home Depot in San Diego County?

Hi everyone,

@Mod - Please move this thread if this is not the right section of the forum for this topic.

I typically buy wood, brackets, bricks, pvc pipes and connectors at Home Depot for the various house projects I got going on. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better store that offers these products for a better price around San Diego. I don't really shop at Lowes either, the closest one to me in like 30 minutes away, probably not worth the drive unless it's significantly cheaper there, which I doubt. I tried googling but I'm not having much luck... I am not a professional so I wont qualify for any business account.

Thanks, all suggestions welcome.
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The next step above those stores would be building supply houses. Google building supply San Diego.
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I moved your thread to the general discussion forums.

Our two big stores are Lowes and the Depot. I don't think you are going to find a lumber yard type place to have better prices. We do have many lumber yards near me but I know their prices, as a rule, are higher on most wood products. However, the wood quality at the lumber yards can be better.

Since I'm an electrician I have wholesale accounts at electrical supply houses. Many times the prices in the box stores are the same or lower than the supply house.
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Of course, the big box stores will have lower prices than the supply houses but they also have lower quality. I was talking to another contractor, in Home Depot. He said that he had recommended pressure treated wood, instead of cedar, as a savings. As we were looking at some 2x4s, he remarked that it might have been mistake since the Home Depot wood was, in such bad shape. If I go to a building supply, I don't have to go through 40 or 50 pieces to find 10 decent studs. Also, I'll probably spend less time shopping. Is a $20 savings worth all the extra time, in Home Depot?
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For a DIY it's just not going to worth the time to go to a bunch of different place trying to say a few penny's.
When I buy pressure treated I hand pick every piece.
I have a Lowes, HD and three lumber yards within 20 miles and see little difference in the quality.
Even when you hand pick some are still going to mess up when they dry out.
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shop where you are now,,, less time + less fuel = more aggravation but you can't have it all

pro mtls + tools + methods + knowledge + skills = pro results

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