What would you do?


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What would you do?

to the MODS, I hope it's OK to post a youtube video. If not just delete the whole post.

I hope I would not be that stupid. But I think most people did not trust the bar. But still what have you got to lose? Remember, this is a snippet of a sample, but it does make you wonder, doesn't it?

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Years ago I was working in a mall at a news stand next to a coin shop. A woman with an angry look came out of the coin shop and came over to buy a pack of cigarettes back when they cost about a dollar. She hands me a silver dollar saying the coin shop said it wasn't worth much because it was low quality. She left and I traded the silver dollar in the register for one of my paper dollars. Took it over to the coin store and sold it for its weight in silver, $9.
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The video was for amusement so naturally if anyone chose the silver that was not shown.

But I do think that most people would take the candy as that would be instant gratification. They can eat the candy right away and feel good whereas the silver would have to be taken to a dealer that could ascertain that it was indeed what the hawker had claimed. Then the silver would have to be exchanged for money that could be easily used. It is, in my opinion, purely the hassle factor.
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I'm thinking it's part disbelief and part going with the known versus the unknown. It's easy to believe someone would give away a candy bar but who gives away something with real value

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