NYC my day from He**


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NYC my day from He**

Well left 6 am to NYC Brooklyn.. Had a job to do but debated weather to do it... Decided it was a one day job so make a quick 1000K$$$ right??? ( my take)

Wrong... I will never go to NYC ever again if you paid me .

I live in the tri state area 50 years. I been to NYC for work many times but not in past say 20 years or more...

Man how things have changed..

Can we say Holland tunnel??? First off last time I was here it was $4 bucks to get to NY.. Guess what??? $14 bucks..

Highway robbery to be aggravated IMO...

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I know its old. here is entrance to Holland tunnel... Sheesh 2 lanes and narrow.. Must be for 1934 cars... LOL

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Oh wait!!! I have no A/c Windows open in tunnel I thought I would die of CO poison... ha ha ha ha.

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Cant tell I know but this is china town... it all looks the same but the people are different... ( I was going to hoity toity neighborhood... LOL )

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There is old red.. I am in hell trust me, but I finally made it. 2 hrs 15 minutes... Yay!!!

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Service elevator to get to basement..I had to operate myself. Had trouble stopping between floors... ( Dangerous is a word?)

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The walk to the room... only $2200 a month for 40x40 ft rooms to do what you want.. This was a yougurt company start up I was at hooking up a electric boiler for water jacket...... Yay!!!

From the double doors I think these were horse stables in NYC in the 1800's

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Electric boiler I was doing...

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Continued.....( can post 10 pics only)
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Looking forward to post #2.
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Hey someone got me 40 psi food grade hose!!!!! Doh!!!!

I new something was going to happen by looking at it....

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45 minutes to go 7 blocks... But I did see the freedom tower in the distance... Very sad to me as the trade centers were what I remember since 74...

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No stores in NYC like NJ.. No plumbing supplys arrrrggggg!!!!.. Should I buy this???

Nope I need 1/2 : id... On a quest to find air hose in NYC... LOLOLOL..

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OK found heater hose at a store finally...

OK left 3 pm from NYC and got home 3 1/2 hours later... Traffic traffic traffic..

I did go Verrazonno bridge home, outerbridge crossing...


Bumper bumper

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Hey the bridge after 2 hours....

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It aint over.. I still have to get over the %$$^& outerbridge... Can I get out of staten island already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long do you think this bridge will last>??? Its already old... 1928 and is a cantilever... Ugggg

Over the Arthur van kill... yay.. ( Im having fun really...)

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Not over yet...
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Well once over the outerbank an no traffic it was home free...

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I saw a cool f550... ( I pulled him over as his gate was open and he had pullys in the back... could kill someone...) He was much appreciative...

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So I finally got on the GSP... (Garden state parkway) Yay.. And when there is no traffic and you had a stressfull day, this is how we drive in NJ... LOLOLOL Ha ha ha ha.. ( Im not kidding) Stay out of our way!!!!!!!

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I made it home and gave my cow a kiss...

I love NJ.... LOL... Ill never go to NYC ever, never, ever,,,

All you other folks be my guest! Send me a post card...

Yes thats me....

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By the way 6 am to 6pm door to door...
" Im too old for this crap"...................
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You were lucky to find/wrangle a place to park.
That's my biggest peeve about working in NYC followed by the pristine condition of the roads.
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I'm with Pete, I though you were going to tell us your truck was towed. Your description brings back memories, but I too traveled there many years ago. I can't take the GSP now, let along NYC.

Thanks for the trip.
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I've been through NYC and surrounding areas twice in my life. I have absolutely no, zip, zilch, zero desire to ever go back...I also hate LA, Atlanta, and Chitown. The biggest I can stand is D.C. and only that for weekends.

Guess thats why I live in Smalltown, USA?
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I have never been to New York City and I have no desire whatsoever of ever going there. Been through Boston once before they made that tunnel which I think was a waste of tax payer dollars. Boston from the little I saw of it wasn't too bad but I didn't see much of it as I was going to Salem on that trip. I can't stand DC and have very little desire to go into DC. Baltimore is even worse than DC with more one way streets and absolutely no place to park unless you find a garage to park in. We tried to find a place to park at a MCDonald's there and just gave up until we were in Laurel.
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All the traffic pictures displayed above would be called Clear Sailing out my way. What traffic? The down town freeways are always packed in and around LA. We call it TMC. (Too Many Cars!)

I have fond memories of the NJP (New Jersey >Turnpike?< Garden State Parkway). Lived in NJ as a kid and young adult. Moved out west with family in 1962 or 63 at age about 16. Dad drove the NJP daily to get to work from the burbs to down town Newark. Back before there was coin machines. Pay in person. Imagine that! Many coins dumped into the machines once automated even way back then as I recall. Plus seeing the Budweiser Beer Factory in route...

Last visited cousins there slightly more then 5-6 years ago. Never again only because of a lack of parking space. Same applies here in CA. downtown and local areas. We have those pay lanes too. No money. Electron device in vehicle called pay pass or something like that which does not always work!!! You'll know it didn't when you get the FINE in the snail mail........

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I've only been to NYC once [around 1970] and while I don't regret the experience - I've no desire to go back. As a matter of fact, I'd rather stay in the rural mountains than go to any of the small towns near me have no desire to go to any big town!
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If you were going to Brooklyn, how did end up in Chinatown? Where was the actual job?
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Daughter lived in New Haven CT and would leave her house at 2 AM to get though city. One time before 9/11 was sightseeing before traffic saw guys working in manhole on one corner. Crossed intersection and somebody had stolen the manhole cover on the other side from workers. Didn't blow tire but bent rim. Last time I drove around city.
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My memory of the Holland Tunnel is not going in as much as emerging to see lanes added and huge signs directing you to places. Of course you are in the wrong lane and will have no chance of changing, so you go somewhere you don't want, and ask a cop for directions. They shrug their shoulders because they only patrol a city block, have lived there all their lives, and never have ventured away from there.
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I have to go into NYC a bit often with the job I have now. Leaving from Kenilworth, sometimes at takes 2 1/2 hours to get to the job in Manhattan. With no traffic it should be about 45 minutes to an hour. Luckily we drive the bosses Subaru Forester. That makes parking far easier. I did get tangled with a bus one day, though.
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I'm as close to NYC as I EVER want to be.
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If you were going to Brooklyn, how did end up in Chinatown? Where was the actual job?
Metropolitan ave in brooklyn..

Holland tunnel to williamsburg bridge. Takes you right through china town..

I could of also taken the Brooklyn bridge or Manhattan bridge to cross the east river..

Oh and failed to mention was $16 bucks to get over the verrazanno to get home. Why I went home that way? I dont know. Thought it would be faster...

Oh and when in strange places plumbers always check out the bathroom decor'

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I can relate, Mike. I'm staying in East Rutherford and working up near Tuxedo Park, NY. Traffic last night was horrible. Bus left for work at 5:30 am and we didn't get back to our room until about 7:15 pm. It was a long day, but I bet being a bus driver would be worse!

Not much privacy in that last pic... and they share a roll of tp? Wow.
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The Williamsburg Bridge was the best choice out of the 3. One time I was driving on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway & a sign said "One lane closed on the Willie B". I said to myself, if an out of towner were here, he wouldn't have any idea what Willie B meant. Next time you come, bring your cow. I'll buy you two a drink.
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I forgot to mention the streetcars in DC another reason for avoiding DC traffic. Here is a Wikipedia article they have gone way over budget and spent millions of dollars. You have to be careful where you park there and can't be in the lane where the cars are supposed to go. Most of the time though they are never on the road and when they are they are in testing mode with no passengers. Been like that for quite a few years after the new tracks were put in.

The whole area in spots had streetcars years ago and most people hated them who drove. Not sure why they would want to go back in time with these.
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It was in the late 1970s or early '80s that my wife and I visited New York city. We stayed with some friends and were there for about four or five days. We did not drive but rode Amtrak down from Kingston, Rhode Island. During the day we rode the subways along with ten million other people and never had a problem. We visited Dutton Publishing in the heart of Manhattan and the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in lower Harlem as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art without incident.

At night our friends took us (in their car) around the city and we went up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. We went to a couple of restaurants well after ten PM (one was after midnight) and nobody thought it was out of the ordinary. Most restaurants in the greater Seattle are are locked tight by ten PM.

I have no idea of what NYC is like these days but back then very few people drove their personal car during the day as the traffic was just too much. Even at midnight the traffic was heavy but by this time it was more personal cars than trucks and buses and you generally had several routes available to get you from point A to point B. In Seattle the traffic during the day is also very heavy, we have some of the worst traffic in the nation, and unfortunately there are few alternatives to use for getting around.

All that stated, if I were in better health (and had more money) I would most definitely like to go back to NYC and spend about a month. Maybe I would be sorely disappointed with what has transpired over the last thirty-plus years, I don't know.

Oh, and Richard, Seattle got rid of their streetcars in 1939 but a few years back started bringing then back, albeit much more modernized versions. We also are in the process of installing light rail commuter trains, at grade level, and rarely does a week go by without an incident involving the light rail trains and either vehicles or pedestrians, often including a death. Seattle (actually the whole Puget Sound area) does some of the stupidest things in the world. I could go on but my point is that to the locals, no matter where they are, government is usually blamed for everything under the sun.
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I didn't know DC had streetcars, must be after I left the area. I think their MTA was fantastic, you could stay in Alexandria/Fairfax and ride downtown for just a couple of bucks.

I also like the San Diego trolleys. People speak highly of the Phoenix light rail...never rode it myself. I hear Virginian Beach/Norfolk also now have a good light rail. Just from downtown to the beach/outlying areas, but useful.
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After our visit in NYC we took the Metroliner to DC. We were able to walk only a short distance from the train to the subway and rode that to within a block of our hotel. We walked or took the Metro all over the city and had a wonderful time. We were able to borrow a wheelchair from the hotel and took turns riding so as not to get overly tired. We only stayed in the first hotel for the weekend (special rate) and then moved to a cheap hotel across the street from Ford's Theatre for the rest of our visit, which as I recall was a full week. We had to leave the wheelchair at the first hotel but then found an association that lobbied for handicapped rights that allowed us to borrow another chair for the rest of our time in the city.

We signed up for the "Washington at Night" tour but at the first stop the bus driver parked the bus in such a way that it was impossible to open the luggage area. When we politely asked him to move the bus so we could get the chair out he almost screamed at us that it was ridiculous to attempt to see the city with a wheelchair. He pointed to the steps in front of the Library of Congress (the first stop) and said, "How do you expect to get a wheelchair up those steps?" I calmly replied that we would use the wheelchair ramp around the corner.

Well, we left the tour at that point, went through the Library, saw the Gutenberg bible and found the pillar that had the name DANA (Richard Henry, author of Two Year's Before The Mast, a distant relative of my wife) inlaid with mosaic tile. After leaving the Library we then walked along the Mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. When we left the Memorial it was after ten PM and we started to look for a taxi to take us back to the hotel.. We saw one and waved but he continued on so we walked on in the general direction of the hotel. A few minute later the cab pulled up and the driver apologized for not stopping sooner but said he had to drop off his fare before coming around to us. Nice thing about cab fares in DC, at least at that time, they had no meters but the fare was based upon zones, travel anywhere within one zone was a fixed fare and travel through multiple zones was also fixed, regardless of the time or miles.

When we related this story to friends and family they all thought we were insane walking around that city after dark. We never even thought about it as we were NOT rich and we dressed like any other twenty-something couple with little money. Simply put, we did not appear to have anything worth stealing so nobody ever bothered us. I'm sure it helped that we never shuffled along with our heads lowered but walked erect, proudly taking in the sights of "OUR" capitol city. We didn't run from anyone nor did we cross the street to avoid anyone.

Like I stated about NYC, if my health was better and I had more money I would like to re-visit DC and spend at least a month. Maybe I am just naive and the DC I remember bears little resemblance to what it is today, I don't know.
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Who is that guy in the pic with you?
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Who owns the llama? I didn't know they could be pets!
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We have a small llama farm here in East Aurora. They claim they make good pets but I don't know why.
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Some local transit history

While it's true I really have no desire to go into DC there are some interesting facts about the history of our areas transit. Some of which I know some other members were not aware of. I don't want to hijack this thread but think this is too interesting not to share.

Many people I am sure have heard about Metro and the various problems that have plagued the system. What you may not be aware of is that Metro was not the first system to be started another subway system was in the works but never completed. If it had been completed it may have been older than NYC's.

Right now plans are in the works to have art displayed in the old tunnels. Here are some pictures on another forum I found DC's abandoned pre-Metro subway tunnels - SkyscraperPage Forum. As you can see it is still somewhat maintained and also was connected to the streetcar service.

Here is a Wikipedia article about the older streetcars that were later abandoned, some of which came somewhat into Maryland and then turned around . Last but not least a picture of an old street car in a museum in Virgina Virginia Museum Of Transportation - Dc Transit Streetcar trolley.

The streetcars were after my time but my mother rode them to work when she worked as a clerk for the IRS many years ago. Eventually as the articles state they were owned by a company called DC Transit and soon all were scrapped. DC Transit still existed for a while with a fairly large fleet of buses and finally I believe went completely out of business around 1968-1970.
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The streetcars were after my time...
I think you meant to write, "Before my time". After your time would be after you are dead.
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I think you meant to write, "Before my time". After your time would be after you are dead.
I do stand corrected they were before my time. The street car system though dead after I was born still had some old depot buildings where for a while at least some of the old cars were kept even though most of the old tracks had been taken up by then. As a young boy I saw one of those old buildings from a distance as we were going somewhere and it was pointed out to me that that had been a depot for the streetcars that were no longer in use. Most of those old buildings are all gone now and have been torn down.
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Since we have already moved this thread off topic I will add this little bit of local (to me) history.

I already stated that Seattle stopped their streetcar service in 1939. Previous to this there was a private company (run by a subsidiary of Stone and Webster in Boston) that ran an electric railway known as the Interurban between Seattle and Tacoma, a city some thirty miles south. Eventually the system was extended to Everett, a city some thirty miles north of Seattle. This private company ceased operations in 1926 and Seattle bought much of their land and equipment inside the city limits for their own trolley/streetcar operation.

I was born in 1950 and grew up in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. I am sure than many have seen pictures of the public art, Waiting For The Interurban


and this was about four blocks from the house I lived in with my family. You can just see the Fremont Bridge (blue) over the right shoulder of the left-most statue, this bridge is the lowest of the drawbridges spanning the Lake Washington Ship Canal that runs through the center of the city. Prior to the erection of this sculpture in 1979 this triangular piece of ground held a wooden building that had no windows and a couple of "Post No Bills" signs. It wasn't until much later in my life that I learned the purpose of this building. Here is a picture from February of 1957 when they were removing the tracks. The building where the artwork now stands is visible on the right side, just past the bed of the pickup truck. ( Picture too large to upload). At that time the building held several mercury arc rectifiers that put out 600 volts DC for the streetcars and later the trackless trolley buses. A couple of blocks "up" the street, up meaning closer to the viewer, was the old streetcar barn that by my time was used by the garbage hauling company to service their trucks in this sector of the city.
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