Log splitter like no other splitter


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Log splitter like no other splitter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdXzaGFkWfU&feature=youtu.be I was bored and up late as usual and I saw this video on Facebook of a really neat log splitting attachment for a Bob Cat. Luckily it was also on YouTube so I could share this. I have no need for something like this myself but my friend in Tennessee would really enjoy using this. Enjoy the video it definitely is different and interesting and a time saver.
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The first thirty seconds was interesting, the next 3-1/2 minutes not so much.
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I saw a video of a log splitter used at a commercial firewood company. The type of place that makes the firewood you see wrapped in plastic and sold in grocery stores. It was similar to the one in your video but a couple sizes larger. It was really interesting to see it make a dozen pieces of firewood out of one. I can only imagine the tonnage it takes.

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